Saturday, April 11, 2015

a few freebies

I recently posted this photo on my Instagram and Facebook:

I had a few requests from people who also use Reading Wonders or Math in Focus, so I made a set for K-5. If you have either of these programs, feel free to download by clicking the photo above.

After attending my school's latest PTO/Site Council meeting, it became apparent that there isn't really a system for passing the torch when it comes to hosting a Friday Fun Night fundraiser. So....I pulled together what I already had and made one. I made it completely theme-less so that it can be used at any point in the year. Use all of it, some of it or none of's free, so please be kind and don't ask me to change it just for you or leave negative feedback because it doesn't work for your fundraiser ;)
And 1 more before I school is also trying to raise money for some new playground equipment and therefore, I volunteered to take our usual "thank you" class photo. So, I whipped up these posters for my own class and figured you might be able to use them as well! Enjoy!
In other news, I created this to use with one of my kiddos. You might find it useful....?

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

gaga for gonoodle!

If you're coming from the GoNoodle blog, WELCOME! Just scroll down to grab the FREEBIE!

Have you heard of GoNoodle? If you haven't, you're in for a treat! GoNoodle is a FREE website for teachers that is full of FUN and ENGAGING videos to do with your class. Yes, I said "do." As in, brain breaks and fun movement videos to get bodies goin and brains ready for learnin! Seriously. Amazing. Did I mention it's FREE?! 

When you sign up, you'll get to choose a "champ" for your class. This little character will be sort of like your mascot while you finish different activities. After completing a few videos, he'll go into the transmorgifier and *something special* will happen! Your champ will go through a big change and the kids will LOVE it and if they're anything like my 2nd graders, they'll laugh hysterically and go crazy (in a good way, I promise!). So, while we were in the midst of our current champ (there are lots to choose from once you outgrow one!), I created this little GoNoodle writing craftivity. 

Meet Freckles. Cute, right?!
My class is totally googley-eyed for GoNoodle!
I love how different they all turned out!
Acrostic version. I'll never tire of inventive spelling. #fabeluse #speshle
Apparently, Freckles likes to shake and move his feet.
From one of my boys that typically doesn't like to write...he wrote to the bottom of the page y'all. Bottom of the page.
And I threw in a Sentence Scramble for early finishers. My neighbor teacher (hi Dukes!) is using Oogles right now, so I made one for her class as well.
Click below to download these FREEBIES! I hope your kids enjoy them as much as mine did!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

found the gold freebie hop

Welcome to our fun little pot of gold hop!  And if you're coming from Journey of a Substitute Teacher, a huge thank you to Tanja for sending you this way!
Some of you may already know, but in addition to teaching 2nd grade, I also make clipart. This time around for the hop, I'm giving away a sampler from one of my MEGA Clipart bundles! 

Click below to grab your freebie!

Head on over to Lori's blog by clicking below!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

march chaos

It's been a long time since I blogged...but I have an excuse. I'm a teacher. And a mom. Of a toddler. And a newborn (can I still call him a newborn if he's 4 months old?). I'm currently on Spring Break, which gives me a little more free time, so I can do a quickie Five for Friday (I realize it's a couple of days late...ah well)! Woohoo for this awesome linky!
On Friday we had our annual Donuts with Dads event. Super successful, super fun. I had all but 3 "dads" (it can be an uncle, friend, grandpa...whatever) able to make it, and a few volunteers that were able to pop in and hang out. This is one of my all time favorite events because the kids absolutely LOVE having their "dad" come in to their classroom. I'm not sure about you, but for some reason, I get more communication and participation from the moms of students all year long. So, Donuts with Dads came around and has helped a lot to get those dudes into the school. We made my Donuts with Dads craftivity and sent them with the dads as they left! You can check them out by clicking below.
We are also in the midst of the annual sled dog race, the Iditarod. It's not that big here in Juneau (the southern part of Alaska), but the kids absolutely love learning about it and for some reason, those darn dogs get them all excited. So, I squeeze in some doggy-fun to our Common Core and everyone's happy! You can read more about what we do during Iditarod here. I even found an amazing video on Youtube by the Discovery Channel that we were able to watch throughout the week during snack. You can check that out by clicking below.
All of my Iditarod resources will be on sale until the end of the week, so snatch them up quick!

March is such a busy month. We have Donuts with Dads, Iditarod and now, March Madness. Before I know it, it will be May and we'll be saying goodbye! This is always the time of year when I start to really *love* these babies and feel like they are growing up so fast! Anyone else?! We'll be having a little basketball fun in honor of March Madness this month, just in case we haven't had our craftivity fill yet haha!
This week will be the first week that we are not celebrating St. Patrick's Day in school (because we're on Spring I can't complain!). I had completely spaced that our new district calendar moved our Spring Break up a week, so I won't be able to try out my Leprechaun Trap project this year! But...that doesn't mean you can't! Grab this FREEBIE by clicking below! I'd love to see your feedback if you use it and live vicariously through be sure to do that!
So, Alaska in general has had a weird winter. The Iditarod start had to be moved to Fairbanks due to the weather (they even had to truck in snow for the false start in Anchorage!). And our local ski resort hasn't been open all winter. And...enter Spring Break. Snow. WHAT?! I guess that means we'll be hanging inside watching Big Hero 6 instead of playing on the swingset we just bought. 
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Sunday, March 1, 2015

easy peasy book giveaway

Like many of you, I am a book lover. I hoard them like they are little nuggets of gold. I get excited when I see a particularly beautifully illustrated one that I don't have. So, when I saw a couple of Alaska titles I didn't already have (gasp! how can that be?!), I knew I had to get my hands on them! And, because you all are so awesome, the lovely folks at Sasquatch books are letting me give them away!
First up, in honor of the upcoming Iditarod race (March 7th), check out Alaska's Snow White and her  Seven Sled Dogs by Mindy Dwyer.  Mindy must be a genius. Combine a classic fairytale with an Alaska theme...BOOM. Instant classroom excitement. This is Snow White with an Alaskan twist! The illustrations in this one are sharp and bright!
Next up, My Wilderness An Alaskan Adventure by Claudia McGehee. This is a fun trip back to the frontier days of Alaska, long before it was a state.  My favorite part is the adorable little squirrel that follows the little boy in his travels to Alaska! I absolutely love all of the color and lines in this one! So fun for 2nd graders to find him!
And because the folks at Sasquatch Books are so unbelievable awesome (seriously, all of my favorite Alaska books are from them), they're letting me give away both titles! Enter below to win!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

spark of inspiration blog hop

It's here! It's here! Our big blog makeover reveal! I belong to a super sweet group of blog authors that recently revamped our blog! If you're coming from the ever talented and beautiful Tanja's blog (Journey of a Substitute Teacher), welcome! We used to be A Class*y Collaboration, but now we're A Spark of Inspiration! Ta-da! Fun, right?! And, we all know everyone loves freebies, so we've got some goodies in store for you! 

To celebrate, I'm offering up a sampler freebie from my Iditarod unit. What kid doesn't love fun, colorful bookmarks with a cute doggy?! Click below to grab it!

It is a sampler freebie from my Iditarod Unit, click below to check it out...the Iditarod starts March 7th!

Now pop on over to visit the super sweet blogger, Lori!