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Digital Calendar Math Slides Activities and Ideas

digital calendar math slides

If you’ve ever done Calendar Math activities in your classroom, you know how challenging completing just a handful of concepts in a short amount of time can be. So many teachers I’ve talked with have struggled with remembering to swap out calendar card pieces on a pocket chart, storing and setting up on a bulletin board calendar area so it’s not too cluttered looking, and even just having enough wall space where you can stand in front of. The struggle is real. You’re not alone. Enter, digital calendar math slide activities.

In 2017, long before a pandemic forced so many classrooms to embrace unfamiliar digital tools, I created digital calendar math slides to replace a traditional calendar math bulletin board. Since then, a common question I get from teachers is, “How do I use these calendar slides?” In this post, I’ll lay out some simple directions to make the process of calendar routines a little easier and seamless for you (and your students). You can find the Digital Calendar Math Activity Slides here.

One of the best parts about using digital calendar math in a slides format is that you can repeat the activities as often as your students need. Students gain a familiarity with the math concepts and skills in the same daily format, which helps them to develop a more concrete understanding. With digital slides, you can reset the activities each day, or change them as you’re working through them. The brilliance of using calendar math slide activities is that you can adjust and differentiate for your students, while at the same time you save valuable wall space and no longer have that clunky pocket chart to deal with (or forget to change out each month!). You can even add new slides to practice additional concepts, or delete slides you don’t plan on using.

I’ve created this FREE printable calendar math companion to go with the Digital Calendar Math slides. You can still use the slides without the printable, but it adds a traditional component with pencil and paper. Use it each time or for a quick check in. You can download the Free Calendar Math Slides Printable Companion in the Free Resource Library  when you sign up for my newsletter below (I’ll email you the access password right now).

All of the slides come preformatted for Google Slides (there’s a link to Seesaw version as well) so you’ll have access to them wherever you have internet (if you are the teacher that preps at home, this can be handy!). This means they also work on any device that can access Slides (and PowerPoint and Seesaw). You of course know your students best, but just as you would with traditional calendar math activities, I recommend that you complete the activities as a whole group with students. Some of these activities can be used independently, but will still require daily setup ahead of time if you choose this method.

digital calendar math slides all about today

digital calendar math slides daily weather

digital calendar math slides weather graph

digital calendar math slides weather bear

digital calendar math slides todays number

digital calendar math slides todays shape

digital calendar math slides todays pattern

digital calendar math slides number pattern

digital calendar math slides function robot

digital calendar math slides counting money coins

digital calendar math slides telling time

digital calendar math slides alligator mouth less greater than equal

digital calendar math slides hundreds chart

digital calendar math slides fact family

digital calendar math slides open ended questions

Looking for an example of each slide? I’ve created a Youtube Digital Calendar Math tutorial so you can see it for yourself here.

Ready to try DIGITAL Calendar Math and see the difference for yourself?

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