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Anchor Chart Alternatives

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Are you looking for Anchor Chart ideas? You’ve come to the right place!

So, what is an anchor chart you may ask? Well, really it is a poster that students can use to reference while they are working. My favorite kind are the ones we create together. I print and glue down the foundation pieces (like the title and decorative pieces) and and the students fill in (I hold the marker though) with the information that we come up with together (and more realistically, in some instances, that I prompt them like crazy to come up with haha!). In that process, I’ve created over 50 different anchor charts to use in various ways (for individual students and for whole class viewing) throughout the year. So, here are 11 different ways you can use reading and writing anchor charts in your classroom (I’m using the same one throughout this post so you can see the multiple ways you can use them).

First, all of these anchor charts are the same. I did this intentionally to show you how you can use the same information in various ways. You can see the whole collection of reading anchor charts here and writing anchor charts here. In the meantime, here’s a free Writing Hooks anchor chart for you to try out.

1.) Anchor Chart Paper Poster

This is my favorite method of displaying my writing anchor charts. Basically, it’s 4 pages cut and taped together to make a poster. You can watch how easy it is to assemble here.

reading and writing anchor chart ideas

2.) Magnetic Anchor Chart

Another FANTASTIC way to display these is with my new best friend, MAGNETIC PAPER. Whaaaatt?! If you have a magnetic white board, this is a MUST. You can find it here.

reading and writing anchor chart ideas

Hold up. I have yet another anchor chart you can grab and try out.

3-5.) Anchor Chart Holder Displays

I’m sure you’ve seen these displays before, but just in case you haven’t…the clear plexiglass ones are for 8.5×11 print sizes and 5×7 print sizes. You can find them here and here. My crafty husband whipped up the pvc pipe anchor chart stand in 10 minutes and I added some book rings…voila! Perfect for a writing center or for students to carry to their desk! Just print at a reduced size (use the percentage tool when you open the PDF to print) to fit however big you make it (these small ones are printed at 70%).

reading and writing anchor chart ideas

 6-7.) Anchor Chart Student Sized

And if your students use composition or spiral notebooks, just print at a reduced size and have them cut/glue in–they’ll have no excuse NOT to use them as a reference tool if they’re right where they are working!

reading and writing anchor chart ideas

8.) Anchor Chart Display Portable Version

Just print 4/page, double-side them, laminate and hole-punch! I love this because you can keep it in your teacher binder to use when you are conferencing and need to remind a student of a concept–or, even better, you can leave it somewhere for them to take to their desk.

reading and writing anchor chart ideas

9.) Anchor Chart Mobile

Create a mobile using the provided bigger pieces to cut out! I used fishing line to make this one, but any sort of ribbon or string would work. You can hang it against a wall or from your ceiling.

reading and writing anchor chart ideas

10.) Anchor Chart Binder

This is probably the easiest way to provide them to your students (if you use binders like me). Slip them into a page protector and you’re set! Easy peasy!

reading and writing anchor chart ideas

11.) Anchor Chart Pocket Chart

Using the provided cut apart pieces, pop into your favorite pocket chart (you can find this black pocket chart here) and you’re set!

reading and writing anchor chart ideas

12.) Anchor Chart Template

And because ALL of my sets come with the pieces to build your own, you can still create them WITH your class and not have to worry about the drawing or your writing not fitting on the page/slanting towards one side!

Pin for later:Writing Anchor Chart Ideas

So that’s it! I hope you enjoyed these different ways and are inspired to have a little fun with your anchor charts!



  1. August 24, 2016 / 4:53 pm

    These look like some great alternatives to avoid the clutter of so many posters on the walls.

    • Kathi Rogers
      June 28, 2019 / 1:25 pm

      I like all of your ideas. I tend to always do a one pager and place in a sheet protective. Then I can add it to a notebook to keep. ๐Ÿ’—

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