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Groundhog’s Day Activities for Kids

groundhog's day activities for kids

If you’re looking for a few easy Groundhog’s Day Activities for Kids, you’ve come to the right place. Groundhog’s Day is a fun holiday that can be celebrated in the classroom in many ways. If you’re unfamiliar with the Groundhog’s Day tradition, every February 2nd, this silly lil’ creature comes out and takes a peek around to determine if we’ll have an early spring or a long winter.

Here are handful of Groundhog’s Day Activities for Kids for kids to help you get in the spirit!

  • Research project: Have students research the history and legend of Groundhog Day, and present their findings to the class.
  • Groundhog Day prediction: Have students make a prediction about whether the groundhog will see its shadow or not and then compare it with the actual outcome. You can find easy data collection printables for Groundhog’s Day predictions here.

groundhog day activities

  • Groundhog Day trivia: Create a trivia game about groundhogs, groundhog day and have students compete in teams to see who knows the most about the holiday.
  • Art project: Have students create a groundhog craft or drawing, such as a groundhog puppet or a groundhog in a winter scene.
  • Writing activity: Have students write a story or poem about a groundhog or create a fictional diary entry from a groundhog’s perspective. Create a bulletin board with information about groundhogs, groundhog day, and students’ artwork and writing about groundhogs. You can find a groundhog craft and graphing activity here.

groundhog day activities graphing

  • Cooking activity: Have students make groundhog-inspired snacks, such as chocolate-covered pretzels shaped like groundhogs or groundhog cookies.
  • Escape room: these Groundhog’s Day escape room activities for kids include editable tasks, so you can differentiate what you want students to focus on with each theme (and create different ability levels for your various learners). This makes them perfect for multiple grade levels.
  • Science experiment: Learn about shadows by taking a walk outside or using flashlights in the classroom, or have students research how groundhogs adapt to different seasons.
  • Reader’s Theater: Have students write a reader’s theater about a groundhog, or simply act out a skit or role-play a groundhog waking up from hibernation and making a prediction about the weather. Here are a handful of Groundhog’s Day books for a read aloud or to to gather inspiration for a groundhog’s day reader’s theater.

Groundhogs Day books for kids

  • Watch the Groundhog Day ceremony: Tune in and watch the live ceremony of Groundhog day, discuss the outcome and the tradition behind it.

That’s it! I hope this has given you some ideas about you and your students can enjoy learning about Groundhog’s Day. Feel free to leave a comment if you have other ideas and suggestions!


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