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Earth Day Activities for Kids

earth day activities for kids

Earth Day is on April 22nd every year and is a fantastic opportunity to teach students about environmental conservation and sustainability. I’ve rounded up a handful of some fun and educational activities you can use to celebrate Earth Day with your students:

Plant a Garden: Have students help plan and plant a garden in your school yard or classroom. This can be a great way to teach them about the importance of plants and how they help the environment.

Recycling Scavenger Hunt: Create a scavenger hunt where students have to find and identify different items that can be recycled. This activity can help teach them about the importance of recycling and how it can help protect the environment.

Earth Day Art: Have students create art using materials that would otherwise be thrown away, such as old newspapers, cardboard, or plastic bottles. This activity can help teach them about the importance of reducing waste and reusing materials.

Earth Day Writing: Students can write about different ways they can help the earth, what Earth Day is, or as a companion activity to an Earth Day read aloud. You can use this easy Earth Day writing craft here.

earth day craft writing activity

Earth Day Book Club: Read an Earth Day-themed book with your students and discuss the themes of conservation and sustainability.

Nature Walk: Take your students on a nature walk around your school or in a nearby park. Encourage them to observe and appreciate the natural world around them.

Litter Pick-Up: Have students work in groups to pick up litter in and around the school. This will help them understand the negative impact of litter on the environment and the importance of keeping our surroundings clean.

Earth Day Debate: Divide your class into groups and have them debate different environmental topics. This will help students understand different perspectives on environmental issues and develop critical thinking skills.

Make a bird feeder: Have students make a bird feeder using materials such as pine cones, string, and birdseed. This activity can help teach them about the importance of preserving natural habitats and the role of birds in the environment.

Make an Earth Day lap book: Have students create a lap book with all kinds of facts about Earth Day. Here’s an editable lap book template to help you get started.

Earth Day Lap Book

Water Conservation: Have a class discussion about the importance of water conservation and what simple steps can be taken to save water.

Create an Earth Day mural: Have students create a mural in your classroom or school that depicts the importance of protecting the earth and its resources.

Earth Day coloring: If you’re short on time, students can simply complete an Earth coloring page. Better yet, make it a coloring page with a twist of learning. You can find this free Earth Day color by number (it’s editable so you can change it to suit your needs) by signing up for the newsletter here:

earth day coloring page activity

So that’s it! I hope you’re able to use a few of these ideas for celebrating Earth Day in the classroom. If you have any more suggestions or ideas to share with other teachers, feel free to leave a comment below.


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