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Superbowl Activities for Kids

Super bowl Activities for Kids

If it’s the beginning of February, you’re likely aware that the Superbowl is right around the corner. Even if you’re not a fan of football, you can’t deny the pull this event has on people in America. Personally, I love the food and commercials that go along with the Superbowl. I have some favorites that I usually end up Youtubing (and then rabbit-holing on old Superbowl commercials). If you’re teaching in the U.S. and want to take advantage of that energy surrounding the event, I’ve got some Superbowl activities for kids you can check out. Huddle up, and read on.

  • Football themed math problems: Use what you’re already working on in math to make football themed problems, such as calculating a team’s average yards per game or converting inches to yards.
  • Football vocabulary: Create a list of football-related vocabulary and have students find and define the words in context. You could also have students create trading cards for the vocab words.
  • Football word search: Have students complete a football themed word search. You can download this free football word search here.

football activities for kids

  • Prediction game: Have students make predictions about the outcome of the game. You can find an editable (change the team names every year) Superbowl prediction graph here.

Superbowl Activities for Kids

  • Football facts: Have students research and present on the history and rules of football.
  • Commercial analysis: Have students watch and analyze the commercials during the Super Bowl, discussing themes and messages (“Did it pull at your heart strings?” or “Was it supposed to make you laugh?” and of course, “What did it make you think of that brand?”).
  • Create commercials: Have students create and perform their own commercials or halftime show, complete with music, dance, and skits.
  • Team spirit day: Allow students to show support for their favorite teams by wearing team colors or jerseys (usually the Friday before the Superbowl).
  • Football-themed snacks: Have students create and write recipes for snacks that are inspired by football, such as nachos or buffalo wing dip. Writing a recipe is an easy “how-to” writing activity, and there’s always the bonus of getting to eat the snack creation!
  • Football read and respond: Read a book (several to pick from below) and have students write a response. You can use the editable writing page and easy color and cut craft here.

football coloring page craft

  • Game day trivia: Create a Super Bowl trivia quiz and have students compete in teams to see who knows the most about the game and its history.
  • Football art: Have students create artwork inspired by football, such as paintings or drawings of their favorite players or teams. This football directed drawing on Youtube looks awesome (love the Art for Kids channel!).

I’ve compiled a list of football books for kids that would make perfect additions to these activities as well. You can find the books here.

football activities for kdis

That’s it! I hope you’ve found some of these football themed activities helpful in your planning! If you have another fun Superbowl activity for kids, feel free to leave it in the comments below to share.


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