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Have you always wanted to run an organized, purposeful Writing Workshop? Do your students struggle with starting and finishing a piece of writing? Do their stories need a little more guidance? This systematic approach to Writing Workshop is jam-packed with resources proven to get your students successfully writing. The best part? You can put it in motion TODAY.

This 180+ page best-selling bundle includes: 
•Teacher Binder cover
•Complete set up guide
•The first 20 lessons to successfully launch your Writing Workshop
•Blank, editable writing minilesson page
•Blank, editable minilesson ideas list
•Writing Assessment procedures, 4 assessment prompts and an editable assessment prompt, scoring rubric, student self-evaluation
•Writing Workshop Conference Notes (individual and whole class notes)
•Status of the Class printable
•Student binder cover page (color or b/w), student journal cover page, student “While You Wait Work” cover pages (you fill with your own appropriate independent activities-DOL, handwriting, word ladders, etc.)
•Personal Narrative Checklist
•Rough Draft Checklist
•Topics to Write About blank list
•Writing Ideas List (common topics to spark writing)
•Prewriting Map and Sketch pages (personal narrative graphic organizer)
•Peer Conference and Revising Recording Sheet
•Writing cover page (for publishing)
•7 differentiated lined writing pages (for publishing)
•About the Author page
•Dedication page
•Reflection page
•The Writing Process (detailed student direction pages)
•Writing Process posters
•Writing Process display (students move their name along as they complete each step)
•Why Writers Write poster
•What Writers Write poster
•Our Class Book cover
•Author’s Chair Sign Up sheet
•Seasonal Word Banks
•Writing Portfolio cover
•Editable rubric
•Bulletin board/Writing center pencil letters banner (A-Z, 0-9 and various symbols)
•and MORE!

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