Digital Rotation Board Center Rotation Chart



A center rotation chart you can easily switch out! These Digital Rotation Boards are perfect for displaying your rotation boards on your screen, but without the printing/laminating/cutting/bulletin board prep work! Centers include all of the common math, literacy and primary activities (if you don’t see one you know others would use, feel free to email me your suggestion!). Organize your groups within minutes by typing in your student names, and select which activities they’ll be doing with easy drag and drop activities. Change it daily, weekly…whenever you like–it’s SO EASY! Use the provided 1-6 or rainbow color groupings I provide, or just add your own. All rotation board slides have editable tables so you can add as many rotations or groups as you need.

Includes visual instructions on how to add a timer of your choice to both the Powerpoint and Google versions.

This resource includes a Powerpoint version AND a Google version. You do not have to be a Google Classroom to use this–but if you want to use it on Google, all you need is a free Google email address and, if you prefer, a projector!

Math options include: 
-Fact Fluency
-Flash Cards
-Telling Time
-Pattern Blocks
-Number Lines
-Number Sense
-Independent Practice
-Addition and Subtraction
-Place Value
-Math by Myself
-Multiplication and Division
-Calculator Practice
-Teacher Table
-Math Tubs
-Math Journals
-Math Paperless Pocket Chart
-Math Games
-Math Buddies
-Task Cards

Literacy options include: 
-Word Work
-Seat Work
-Read to Self
-Buddy Reading
-Teacher Table
-Skill Work
-Sight Words
-Work on Writing
-Read the Room
-Pocket Chart
-Big Books
-Listen to Reading
-Guided Reading
-Write About Reading
-Read to Someone
-Reading Fluency

Miscellaneous options include: 
-Dry Erase
-Dramatic Play
-Dress Up
-Sensory Table
-Fine Motor
-Free Choice
-Busy Boxes
-Social Studies

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