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Running out of bulletin board space? I know the feeling! If you’ve ever tried to create a focus wall, you know how much work it takes to setup and keep switching it every week! These space-saving Digital Reading Focus Walls are so easy to use and you can set up future weeks ahead of time (and reuse them year after year). Just copy and paste the pre-made icons onto the Reading slide to set them up and display on your projector screen at the start of your lesson. And because they’re a PowerPoint file, you can even add your own slides to guide your reading lesson (perfect if you’re using your district’s assigned reading curriculum!).
Included in this digital resource:
  • Reading Focus Wall Slide (Sub Headings : Theme, Strategy, Skill, Text, Genre, Essential Question)
  • Word Study Focus Wall Slide (Sub Headings: Focus, High Frequency Words, Spelling)
  • Vocabulary Focus Wall Slide (Sub Headings: Word, Example)
  • Unit/Lesson Slides to separate and organize it all
Moveable Icons are organize by the following slides:
Theme Icons: Courage, Friendship, Honesty, Perseverance, Kindness, Acceptance, Compassion, Responsibility, Cooperation, How-to, Information
Strategy Icons: Summarize, Retell, Question, Connect, Visualize, Evaluate, Identify, Infer, Predict
Skill Icons: Story Elements, Point of View, Main Idea, Context Clues, Close Reading, Sequencing, Plot, Fact and Opinion, Compare and Contrast, Character Traits, Cause and Effect
Genre Icons: Autobiography, Biography, Comedy, Poetry, Science Fiction, Fairytale, Nonfiction, Mystery, Horror, Historical Fiction, Realistic Fiction, Tall Tale, Fantasy, Legend, Adventure, Fable
Digital Focus Walls are copyrighted. All rights reserved.
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