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Digital Direction Slides


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These DIGITAL class slides with moveable direction pieces are so convenient, versatile and practical! You can use them to write your Morning Meeting Message, include step by step visual directions, and edit the text so students know their expectations. And because it’s a PowerPoint file, you can even add your own images and photos!

Included in this digital resource:

  • Blank slide templates: Good Morning, Morning Message, Good Afternoon, Hello, Welcome Back, When You Come In, Before You Leave, Please Take a Seat, What Are We Doing, In Case You Forget, Reminders, Today, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
  • Numbers 1-10 Icons
  • Direction Icons: Write (pencil, pen, red pen), Color (pencil, crayon, marker), Label, Date (2 versions), Draw, Match, Highlight, Staple, Erase, Read, Tape, Trace, Listen, Watch, Dab, Line Up, Check, Mailbox, Folder, Paint, Name, Backpack, Turn In, Number, Letter, Copy, Page #, Hole Punch, Journal, Circle, Glue (2 versions), Hole Punch, Cross Out, Paper Clip, Fold (2 versions), Solve, Sort, Binder, Glue, Cut, Write, Clipboard, Desk, Sit, Pin, Partner, Floor, Table

Subheading Icons (text): Before you begin, Directions, Make sure you, When you are done

Digital Direction Slides with moveable direction icons are copyrighted. All rights reserved.

©2018 Teaching in the Tongass 

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