Digital Class Rewards



These Digital Class Rewards are perfect for adding some fun to your classroom management! Decide what the goal is and how you’ll earn each reward. Available in Powerpoint AND as an online digital option for Google Classrooms.

Everyone got in line quickly? Add a piece of popcorn to the bowl! Fill up the bowl? Have a popcorn party or an extra recess? Rewards can either correspond to the image, or not. It’s totally up to you. I’ve included 17 different interactive reward slides you can use throughout the year:

-Fill a marble jar
-Add leaves to a tree
-Add sprinkles to a donut
-Add ingredients to a pizza
-Build a pancake shortstack
-Fill up a popcorn bowl
-Build a playground
-Build a brownie sundae
-Build an ice cream sundae
-Fill up a cookie jar
-Build a chocolate chip cookie
-Build a skeleton
-Build a Turkey
-Build a hot cocoa
-Build a Snowman
-Build a Valentine Chocolate Box
-Fill the pot of gold
More to come!

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