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Digital and Printable Visual Schedule



This Printable AND Digital Visual Schedule is perfect for any kid that will benefit from using a visual schedule! Decide which board you’ll use (customized with their name, day, weekly, home/school, morning/afternoon/evening, first/then, first/next/then) and just drag and drop the visual icon cards right onto the board. If you choose to use the digital version, you have NO cutting, laminating, or losing pieces (where do they go? isn’t that the worst?!)….and the best part? You can use this resource with multiple students!

Available in PDF (just print, laminate and add velcro dots to each visual cue card–available in small and larger display sizes), Powerpoint AND as an online digital option for Google Classrooms (this works on an iPad or iPhone!).

This resource includes the following visual icons:







-Books (book bins)




-Brush (tooth holding toothbrush)

-Bus (school bus)



-Chores (trash bag and trash can)

-Clean (bucket with cleaning supplies)












-Field Trip


-Fountain (drinking fountain)


-Get dressed (boy and girl version)




-Hand sanitizer

-Hat (winter)






-Life Skills

-Line up


-Lunch tub






-Morning Meeting


-Nails (nail clippers)


-Occupational Therapy (tweezers)


-Pants (blue and purple)

-Physical therapy



-Practice (piano)


-Pick up

Raise Hand


-Reading Stations






-Shirt (green and pink)

-Shoes (orange and purple)


-Show and tell



-Small group



-Social studies

-Socks (yellow and pink)



-Story Time



-Underwear (boy and girl versions)

-Video games



-Wake Up

-Wash (hands washing)

-Water (cup of water)

-Water bottle


-Writing Work

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