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Must Do May Do Editable Slides Ketchup Mustard Pickle


This Must Do May Do slide is a MUST for the modern classroom. This set of slides includes moveable heading pieces (perfect for resizing to fit your needs), both black and white heading options, and slides with all 4 must do, may do, catch up, pickles, or just 2 (must/may, catchup/pickles).

Make sure you (and/or your students) have access to PowerPoint or Google Slides prior to your purchase.


Enhance classroom organization and engage students with versatile Must Do May Do Editable Slides Ketchup Mustard Pickle. This comprehensive set of editable slides offers customizability and convenience for teachers, allowing students to quickly identify their tasks, whether it’s the “mustard” tasks they must do, the “mayo” tasks they can choose to do, the “ketchup” tasks they need to catch up on, or the “pickles” tasks they can pick from. With moveable heading pieces, black and white options, and editable slides with 4 layout choices, this product is ideal for optimizing teaching materials.

Easily resize the moveable heading pieces to fit your needs, ensuring seamless integration into the classroom layout. Choose between black and white heading options to match the classroom aesthetic. Editable slides provide flexibility with 4 layout options, empowering you to personalize teaching materials for different scenarios and maximize student engagement and learning outcomes.

Display the slides on-screen during lessons or print them out to fit standard 11×8.5 printer paper. Must Do May Do Editable Slides Ketchup Mustard Pickle printable and digital adapt to preferred teaching style. Organize the classroom efficiently and create an engaging learning environment with these versatile slides.

Experience the possibilities of Editable Must Do May Do Slides and transform teaching approach. Get started today and revolutionize the classroom!

What other teachers are saying about these Must Do May Do Editable Slides:

  • Extremely satisfied–THIS SAVED ME WITH MY GROUP THIS YEAR!! They struggled with transitioning and not ever remembering what to do next. I was able to make a list in each section. It made it sooooo easy!
  • Extremely satisfied–My students LOVE these slides! It really helps them stay organized and prioritize their work, especially if we have multiple things to complete in a class. Thank you! 🙂
  • Extremely satisfied–My students are able to pick out the most important work for them to finish! It has made sure that all of their work is done before they can extend their learning!

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