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Tie Shoes Printables Shoe Tying Club
Tie Shoes Printables Shoe Tying Club
Shoe Tying Printable Steps
Tie Shoes Printables Shoe Tying Club
Shoe Tying Experts bulletin board

Tie Shoes Printables Shoe Tying Club


This Shoe Tying Kit has everything you need to teach kids how to tie their own shoes!



Introducing the ultimate solution to teach kids how to tie shoes – the Teach Kids to Tie Shoes Printables Shoe Tying Club! This comprehensive pack includes everything you need to help your students master the art of shoe tying while keeping them engaged and motivated. With our carefully crafted materials, your students will be tying their shoes in no time!

Included in the Tie Shoes Printables Shoe Tying Club pack:

  1. Assessment Form: Easily track and monitor student progress with the handy assessment form.
  2. Original Poem: Ignite your students’ imagination with “Shaun the Shoe,” an enchanting and original poem that makes learning fun.
  3. Editable Parent Letter: Keep parents informed and involved by customizing the editable parent letter to suit your needs.
  4. Visual Direction Posters: Two different methods to tie shoes, each visually depicted on eye-catching posters.
  5. Shoe Templates: Print and utilize our shoe templates, designed for practicing with yarn laces, to make learning hands-on and interactive.
  6. Bulletin Board Pieces: Showcase your students’ accomplishments with our “Shoe Tying Experts” bulletin board printables, adding a touch of pride to your classroom.
  7. Certificates: Celebrate each student’s progress and achievements with customizable certificates that will make them feel accomplished and motivated.
  8. Member Cards: Create a sense of belonging and camaraderie with the fun keepsake member cards.
  9. Editable Writing Shoe Craft: Encourage creative expression with the writing shoe craft, featuring editable writing prompts in both whole and half-page options.
  10. Shoe Coloring Pages: Engage your students’ artistic side with delightful shoe coloring pages that make learning enjoyable.

By incorporating these materials into your teaching approach, you’ll not only empower your students to tie their shoes but also foster a sense of independence, confidence, and accomplishment.

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