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Journal Writing Prompts Bundle


If you’ve ever had students complain that they don’t know what to write about, then you may need these Writing Prompts!  This is a set of 60 different writing prompts that will GET KIDS WRITING. I’ve also included a checklist with all of the prompts, and an EDITABLE page for you to add your own prompts (perfect for events that are specific to the city you live in!). Add writing prompts to a key ring, poster board, writing center, student binders, paste into notebooks, pop them in a homework folder…the choice is yours!


This Journal Writing Prompts Bundle is designed to ignite the passion for writing in kids! This comprehensive set includes a whopping 180 different personal narrative, explanatory/informative, and opinion/argumentative writing prompts that are sure to inspire young minds to put pen to paper and express their creativity.

Key Benefits:
1. Get Kids Writing: These journal writing prompts are carefully curated to spark the imagination and get kids excited about writing. This awesome resource helps generate ideas for writing topics, keeps writers engaged, and encourages them to explore new and extraordinary subjects.

2. Versatility at its Best: The possibilities are endless with these journal writing prompts. Add them to a key ring, display them on a poster board, place them in a writing center, or tuck them into student binders. These prompts are incredibly versatile and can be used in various ways to suit your teaching style.

3. Stress-Free Teaching: You’ll appreciate the included checklist with each set, differentiated lined writing paper, and an editable prompt page. The editable page allows you to customize prompts for events specific to your city, making it a perfect fit for any curriculum.

4. Endless Writing Possibilities: With an array of writing prompts at your fingertips, this bundle ensures that your students or children will never run out of writing ideas. It’s perfect for end-of-the-day journal writing, offering so many options to last an entire school year!

Say goodbye to the struggle of coming up with on-the-spot writing questions. Journal Writing Prompts All Year is a simple yet time-saving resource that will become an essential tool for any educator. Don’t miss the opportunity to inspire young writers and make writing a joyful journey for all!

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