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Candy Corn Activities
Candy Corn Activities
Candy Corn Activities

Candy Corn Math Science Experiment Writing Halloween Activities


This Candy Corn pack is perfect for October festivities! Whether you celebrate Halloween in your classroom or not, these activities are a great way to bring descriptive and opinion writing into action, make math a bit sweeter, and observe a fun science experiment!


Enhance your October classroom festivities with Candy Corn Math Science Experiment Writing Halloween Activities! This engaging resource offers a delightful combination of candy corn-themed activities that will inspire descriptive and opinion writing, add a touch of sweetness to math lessons, and spark curiosity through a captivating candy corn science experiment.
Immerse your students in a fun science experiment as they discover the magic of dissolving candy. This hands-on activity will not only engage their scientific curiosity but also reinforce the concept of solubility in an exciting and memorable way.
Unleash your students’ creativity with a variety of writing options, including a cut-and-paste candy corn craft and multiple writing pages featuring the title “Candy Corn” for personalized prompts. Dive into descriptive language with candy corn cinquain writing, allowing students to express their imaginations vividly. Boost literacy skills with candy corn alphabet puzzles, where students match uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as beginning sound pictures.
For math exploration, the candy corn manipulative mat and addition worksheets provide hands-on learning opportunities. Students can solve both single and double-digit equations within 20, or you can customize the blank addition problems to suit your teaching goals. Students will also explore the world of measurements with candy corn, as students measure length by strategically placing candy corn around the room. Compare the weight of candy corn with various classroom objects, fostering critical thinking and understanding of measurement concepts. Develop number sense with candy corn number puzzles, encompassing numbers 1-20 presented in multiple forms, including ten frames, digits, and written form. Early finishers can also enjoy additional number puzzles featuring base ten pictures and expanded form.
Capture precious memories with the Trick or Treat Feet keepsake, a delightful project that will become a cherished memento of Halloween festivities.

Included in the Candy Corn Activities resource:

  • Cut/paste candy corn craft & writing (multiple writing page options with title “Candy Corn” so you can choose what students write about)
  • Candy corn cinquain writing (using descriptive language)
  • Trick or treat feet keepsake
  • Candy corn manipulative mat and addition worksheets (single and double digit equations within 20, blank addition problems for you to write your own)
  • Candy corn measurement (measuring length with candy corn around the room, comparing weight with classroom objects)
  • Dissolving candy science experiment
  • Candy corn alphabet puzzles (matching uppercase/lowercase/beginning sound pictures)
  • Candy corn number puzzles (matching numbers 1-20 w/ten frames, digit, and written form, and a few early finisher number puzzles using base ten pictures/expanded form).

What other teachers are saying about this Candy Corn Activities resource:

  • Extremely satisfied–I used this with my third graders and they really enjoyed the activities. We did the experiment with the different solutions and the one where they weighed the candy corn and compared the weight to other objects.
  • Extremely satisfied–My students loved all of this. We studied about Candy Corn, and this was perfect. It incorporates poetry, language arts, and math.
  • Extremely satisfied–This was so easy to incorporate into my yearly interactive science notebooks! My students had a blast and talked about it for weeks!

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