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Whole Class Reward System
Whole Class Reward System
Whole Class Reward System
Whole Class Reward System
Whole Class Reward System

Digital Whole Class Reward System Classroom Behavior Chart


These Digital Class Rewards are perfect for adding some fun to your classroom management! It’s also a great addition to your VIPkid rewards collection if you teach online! You decide what the goal is and how you’ll earn each reward. Use as individual behavior management or whole class behavior management! Available in Powerpoint AND as an online digital option for Google Classrooms or as VIPKid rewards.


Digital Whole Class Reward System Classroom Behavior Chart is your secret tool for creating an engaging and fun-filled classroom! This incredible resource takes classroom management to the next level, allowing you to set goals and tailor incentives to motivate both individuals and the entire class. With a treasure trove of 36 preloaded rewards in Powerpoint and Google Slides formats, including an exclusive BONUS printable option, this resource is an absolute game-changer for educators! Plus, you can easily copy and paste as many of the icons as you need, ensuring flexibility and customization in your reward system.

Picture this: a popcorn-themed reward system that will have your students buzzing with excitement! Every time your class achieves a goal, like lining up quickly, you get to add a piece of popcorn to the bowl. And guess what? When that bowl overflows with popcorn, it’s party time! Imagine the joy on their faces as they enjoy a fantastic popcorn party or an extra recess. Best of all, you have the freedom to align rewards with delightful images or create your own special incentives that speak to your unique classroom vibe. It’s all up to you!

With the Digital Whole Class Reward System Classroom Behavior Chart, you’ll transform your classroom into a place where learning becomes an adventure. Watch student participation soar as you reinforce positive behaviors and create memories that will last a lifetime. Say goodbye to dull routines and hello to an enjoyable, rewarding, and personalized classroom experience for everyone!


  1. School Bus (windshield, door, window, headlight, brake light, bumper, wheel, stripe)
  2. Apple Tree (red apple, green apple, yellow apple, multicolor apple)
  3. Silly Skeleton (skull face, ribcage, backbone, pelvis, shoulder/upper arm, arm/hand, upper leg, lower leg, foot)
  4. Turkey (feet, body, 2 wings, head, eyes, beak, snood, 4 different colored feathers)
  5. Christmas Tree (3 different popcorn strings, 7 ornament colors, star, tree skirt, 2 different stockings)
  6. Snowman (2 arms, scarf, carrot, 3 body parts, rocks and buttons)
  7. Chocolate Box (5 different chocolates)
  8. Pot of Gold (1 gold coin)
  9. Rainy Days (umbrella bunny, 2 different raindrops)
  10. Flower Fields (sun, birdhouse, bird, cloud and flowers)
  11. Picnic Party (5 different ants)
  12. Sandcastle (flag, shell, starfish and 8 different sand pieces)


  1. Watermelon (1 seed)
  2. Pizza Toppings (cutter, sauce, cheese, and 4 different toppings)
  3. Nacho Plate (cheese, whipped cream, and chips/olives/onions/meat/ tomatoes)
  4. Cookie Jar (3 different cookies)
  5. Popcorn (1 popcorn)
  6. Pancakes (butter, syrup, pancakes)
  7. Ice Cream Sundae (banana, 3 different ice cream scoop colors, syrup, whipped cream, cherry)
  8. Brownie Sundae (brownie, frosting, ice cream scoop, syrup, nut sprinkles, whipped cream, cherry)
  9. Hot Cocoa (cocoa, spoon handle, candy cane, whipped cream, marshmallows)
  10. Donut Sprinkles (8 different colors)
  11. Chocolate Chip Cookie (1 chocolate chip)
  12. S’more Campfire (tent, fire, paper plate, graham cracker, toasted marshmallow, melted chocolate)


  1. Marble Jar (4 different colors)
  2. Fish Tank (bubbles, rocks, glass cover, seaweed, oyster shell, snail shell, coral, 3 different fish)
  3. Gold Panning (3 shapes of gold nuggets)
  4. Bumblebee Hive (1 bee)
  5. Tree (3 different leaves)
  6. Gumball Machine (7 colors of gumballs)
  7. Playground (swingset, slide, merry go round, teeter totter, sunshine, and a cloud, bush, flower)
  8. Duck Pond (mama duck, fly, log, cattails, 3 different frogs and 4 different ducks)
  9. Lightning Bugs (1 firefly)
  10. Shark Teeth (1 tooth)
  11. Outer Space (rocket, star, 3 planets, alien eyeball, mouth, arm, foot, head)
  12. Treasure Chest (6 colored gems and a gold coin)

What other teachers are saying about Digital Rewards Slides:

  • Extremely satisfied–I initially purchased this to use during virtual school but this has been a HUGE success even as we have returned to the classroom. We choose 1 behavior that needs improvement to focus on and the class earns their way to a reward. They absolutely love it!
  • Extremely satisfied–I love how I can manipulate it on Google Slide and it automatically updates on Canvas. This is an amazing classroom reinforcement and I can even use it in the in person classroom!
  • Extremely satisfied–Great resource and easy to use, kept the students engaged with rewards and I allowed them to pick their own slide as some students had individual charts as well as the whole class.

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