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Rainbow Classroom Decor Bundle | Schedule Cards Alphabet Job Chart Calendar


This Primary Classroom Management Decor Bundle is perfect for really any Preschool, Kindergarten, First and even Second grade classroom! Functional and colorful decor that actually serves a purpose–learning!


Rainbow Classroom Decor Bundle | Schedule Cards Alphabet Job Chart Calendar is a versatile and vibrant collection that is perfect for any Preschool, Kindergarten, First, and even Second grade classroom. This functional bright rainbow classroom decor serves a purpose beyond decoration—it enhances the learning environment.

Editable Classroom Job Chart:
The Editable Classroom Job Chart is a versatile tool that can be used in a pocket chart, on a whiteboard, or made magnetic. This bundle includes an editable PowerPoint file with blank job chart templates, a title card (Class Jobs), blank student cards for rotation, and prefilled job cards such as Bell Ringer, Line Leader, Caboose, Prayer Helper, Calendar Helper, Door Holder, Plant Waterer, Flag Holder, Hand Sanitizer, Lunch Helper, Weather Helper, Table Cleaner, Pet Helper, Library Helper, Energy Saver, Games Helper, Name Helper, Gym Shoes, Pencil Helper, Phone Assistant, Teacher Assistant, Greeter, Snack Helper, Nurse’s Helper, Mail Assistant, Tech Support, Class Photos, Trash Collector, Board Cleaner, Morning Meeting, Chair Helper, and Filing Helper. Please note that the graphics and text on the prefilled cards are secure and cannot be edited.

Daily Schedule Cards:
Create a visual schedule of your day with these vibrant and customizable Daily Schedule Cards. They come in various colors and can be easily displayed in a pocket chart, along a ribbon strip, or on a magnetic surface using magnetic dots or tape. The cards can be effortlessly changed and the clock times adjusted with a dry-erase marker. Additionally, blank templates with borders are included, allowing you to add your own specialized graphics. Please note that the graphics in the previews cannot be resized, deleted, or adjusted.

Alphabet Cards and Alphabet Chart:
The Alphabet Card set features a delightful rainbow design. The set includes vibrantly colored alphabet cards (sized at 2 per page) and a bonus matching Alphabet Sounds chart (8.5×11) for reference. The Alphabet Sounds chart is perfect for small group work and can also be printed larger to create a classroom poster.

Center Signs:
Effortlessly manage your daycare, preschool, kindergarten, or first-grade centers with these Center Signs. They can be used as a center clip chart or center rotation board, based on your preference. The bundle includes teacher tips and tricks, a Centers title card, colored group cards (in six colors), and signs for various centers such as Meet with the Teacher, Kitchen, Art, Easel, Dry Erase, Dough, Alphabet, Phonics, Crafts, Blocks, Computer, Typing, Discovery, Dress Up, Tablet, Library, Science, STEAM, Math, Music, Cars, Stamps, Writing, Listening, Puzzles, Puppet, Dramatic Play, Sensory Table, and Dollhouse. Editable signs with borders and graphics (without text) are also included for customization. All signs are sized at 11×8.5, with instructions for printing smaller versions.

Calendar Math Kit:
The Calendar Math Kit features a fun and vibrant rainbow decor design, making it perfect for the primary classroom. It can be used in a pocket chart, on a whiteboard, or made magnetic. The kit includes Months of the Year, Days of the Week, Calendar days, Holiday cards, Today is, Tomorrow will be, yesterday was cards, Date cards, Today’s weather Chart, Season Chart, Today’s Number, Today’s Pattern, Coin Counting (including coins), Coin Values chart, Telling Time chart, 3D and 2D shape cards, 0-10 cards (written number, digit, counting fingers, and corresponding 10 frame), 0-100, and 0-200 Chart.

Color Posters:
The Color Poster set includes vibrant 8.5×11 posters with images that match each color, including red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, brown, grey, black, and white.

What other teachers are saying about Rainbow Classroom Decor Bundle | Schedule Cards Alphabet Job Chart Calendar:

  • Extremely satisfied–I love this bundle!! So much stuff! So colorful and they brighten up a classroom!
  • Extremely satisfied–I’m very happy I found this resource, it saved me tons of time!
  • Extremely satisfied–Bright and simple. Love the contrast! I also appreciate the included teacher tips for use in the classroom. Thanks so much!

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