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Sight Word Practice Flash Cards Google Slides


These DIGITAL Sight Word Flash Cards are an easy and engaging way to fit in daily fluency practice with Dolch Preprimer-3rd Grade sight words on a projector screen, interactive whiteboard, tablet, computer or even good ol’ fashioned printed on paper (perfect for small group, individual and even sending home). Words are on easy to read, black and white slides so there are no distracting images or patterns and the focus remains entirely on reading.


Introducing the Digital and Printable Sight Word Practice Flash Cards Google Slides – the perfect companion for engaging and enjoyable daily fluency practice with Dolch Preprimer-3rd Grade sight words. Whether using a projector screen, interactive whiteboard, tablet, computer, or printed cards, this versatile product will make learning a breeze! They’re perfect for small group sessions, individual study, or even taking home for additional practice.

What sets these flash card slides apart? They are carefully designed with convenience and focus in mind. Each slide features a single sight word in easy-to-read black and white, eliminating distractions from fancy images or patterns. This way, learners can devote their undivided attention to reading and mastering those important sight words!

Here’s what you’ll find in this comprehensive package of Sight Word Practice Flash Cards Google Slides:

Dolch Sight Words Galore: The flash card slides cover a wide range of Dolch sight words from Preprimer to 3rd Grade. Each word gets its own dedicated slide, offering ample practice opportunities to reinforce reading skills.

Get Creative with a Blank Slide Template: A special treat included is a blank slide template that can be personalized to your heart’s content! Add as many additional words as needed, tailoring the flash cards to your specific curriculum or individual learning needs.

Printable PDF for Flexibility: Along with the digital format, a printable PDF version is also provided. This means you can print traditional flashcards in any size you prefer, making learning accessible and enjoyable for every student.

Multiple Formats for Convenience: The product supports PowerPoint, Google Slides, and PDF formats, allowing users to use the flash cards on their preferred device or software without any hassle!

What other teachers are saying about Digital and Printable Sight Word Flash Card Slides:

  • Extremely satisfied–I put our weekly high-frequency words up every week on my Canvas home page! Whenever we have downtime or a minute to spare, I just quickly flash them for the students to practice them each week. They can also look for themselves which is so nice! Thank you for this resource!
  • Extremely satisfied–I love that this is perfect to use for sight words. I also love that it is in black and white and no frill. It allows the students to focus on the words and not the decor to the slides.
  • Extremely satisfied–used the sight words for extra practice, but I also edited the slides to include my weekly spelling words. It’s a fun, visual way to practice our spelling words quickly. I also added sentences using the words under the sight or spelling word to fit in some extra practice reading, as well as recognizing the word in context. I love this product! Thank you!

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