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Editable Word Work Activities
Editable Word Work Activities
Editable Word Work Activities

Editable Sight Word Work Activities


These EDITABLE word work activities are perfect for all year! Included you will find word building mats with 3 different areas for you to type on (Say Spell Say, Write it, Build it), and blank editable cards (use as corresponding flashcards, in pocket charts, or if you’d rather leave the work mat blank, students can draw a card with whatever set of words you create). Use as sight word activities, spelling activities, name writing activities, and even number writing. Please note: a list of 60 words is included with the corresponding word work pages, but you can edit them.


Editable Sight Word Work Activities are perfect for keeping students engaged and having fun all year round! Customize them to fit whatever you’re teaching, whether it’s spelling, sight words, or even number writing! One of the best things about these activities is that you’re in charge! You get to decide what goes in the mats, making them perfect for all your students, no matter their grade level or age.

Inside, you’ll find Word Building Mats with three cool sections: Say Spell Say, Write it, and Build it. These mats are editable, so you get to make them just right for your students. Type in the words students need to work on, and let the learning adventure begin!

And guess what? There are blank editable cards. Use them to make flashcards or pocket chart activities. Or let students draw cards and work with the words you choose for them. Talk about endless possibilities! These Word Work Activities are not only super fun but also great for improving sight word recognition, spelling skills, and name/number writing. There’s even a list of 60 words to get started, but don’t be shy, you can totally change them up as you please. Oh, and the “build it” part? It’s a blast! Switch it up with stamps, play dough, magnets, pasta, beads – you name it. Keep the excitement alive and make sure students stay pumped throughout their learning journey.

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