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Chinese New Year Activities
Chinese New Year Activities
Chinese New Year Activities

Lunar Chinese New Year Activities Crafts Writing Coloring


The Lunar New Year is celebrated in many different countries across the world!

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Get ready to ignite the festivities of the Chinese New Year with this sensational collection of Lunar Chinese New Year Activities Crafts Writing Coloring, specially designed for kids across the globe! Bursting with creativity, these Lunar New Year activities are not only a blast but also a fantastic way for little ones to dive into the rich tapestry of Chinese culture.

Dive deep into language learning with customizable vocabulary photo cards that add a dynamic touch to the celebration. Spice things up with a thrilling Read/Write the room activity that transforms learning into an interactive adventure. Personalize the experience with an editable Flipbook that captures the essence of the Chinese New Year in a unique way.

Crafting takes center stage with delightful dragon popsicle stick puppets, ensuring a colorful and cute celebration. Unleash boundless creativity with an editable dragon writing craft and stimulate young minds with the brain-teasing fun of red lantern riddles. Language skills get a playful twist with editable Sentence Scrambles, while the joy of coloring and cutting is amplified with a red envelope and strip puzzles.

Take the excitement up a notch with color by code (editable) activities that infuse vibrant learning into the mix. The adventure doesn’t stop there – explore the Chinese zodiac with a chart, poster cards (1/2 page each), bookmarks, and so much more!

Embrace the magic of Chinese New Year with these engaging and diverse activities. Learning and celebrating have never been this much fun!

  • Vocabulary photo cards (editable definitions)
  • Read/Write the room
  • Flipbook (editable)
  • Color and cut dragon popsicle stick puppets
  • Color and cut dragon writing craft (editable)
  • Color and cut red lantern riddles craft
  • Sentence Scrambles (editable)
  • Color and cut red envelope
  • Strip puzzles (editable)
  • Color by code (editable)
  • Chinese zodiac chart, poster cards (1/2 page each), bookmarks and MORE!
What other teachers are saying about these Lunar Chinese New Year Activities Crafts Writing Coloring:
  • Extremely satisfied–My students loved using this resource. I had them create their own Chinese New Year bulletin with their crafts. At the end they did a writing on everything they learned, I was surprised to see all the information they used from this resource. Thank you!!!
  • Extremely satisfied–Great resource! The students loved to learn the Lunar New Year and I loved the pictures that went with them. I also like that the activities get them out of their seats and moving!
  • Extremely satisfied–I work with students who have language and literacy deficits so learning new concepts and related vocabulary can be challenging. However this unit paired with some texts in our classroom gave them lots of hands-on and engaging activities to reinforce learning with these Lunar New Year Activities. Great product!
  • Extremely satisfied–I have twins in my class that were adopted from China, so we celebrate Chinese New Year in our class every year. Since I have had them 3 years in a row, I needed new resources for this year. This was an amazing resource and gave us lots of new ideas. The students loved making the dragon puppets.
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