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Chalkboard Calendar Math


Everything you need to create a Chalkboard Calendar Math for morning meeting time. This printable, chalkboard calendar math kit works in any grade, and is versatile enough to work with any theme. Classic chalkboard is the perfect touch for a farmhouse classroom decor theme, and looks so cute with burlap accessories.


Enhance your morning meeting time with this versatile and convenient Chalkboard Calendar Math kit. Perfect for any grade level and adaptable to any theme, this printable kit is a must-have. Add a touch of timeless charm to your farmhouse classroom decor with the classic chalkboard design, complemented by delightful burlap accessories.

This printable Chalkboard Calendar Math offers the following features:

– Large and small labels for months of the year
– Calendar number squares measuring 2.5 x 2.5 inches
– Holiday cards to mark special occasions
– Labels for the days of the week
– Ordinal numbers for constructing date sentences (e.g., “Today is April 21st, 2015”)
– Shape posters for visual learning
– Number posters to reinforce numerical understanding
– Weather cards to track daily conditions
– Season cards to mark the passing of time
– Money count section covering pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters
– A blank clock for time-telling practice
– Place Value table for comprehensive numerical comprehension

With this printable Chalkboard Calendar Math, you have everything you need to create an engaging and educational environment for your students while your students practice everyday math skills.

What other teachers are saying about this Chalkboard Calendar Math resource:

  • Extremely satisfied–Love the look of the chalkboard decor in my middle school room
  • Extremely satisfied–I love this Calendar Math set. I’ve never used calendar math in my classroom before, but this has everything I could possibly need to make it as easy as possible to implement in my classroom. I plan on sticking magnets on the backs of most of it to make it easy to move around my whiteboard when needed. Great product!

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