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Winter Break Writing Activity

Winter Break Writing Activity Slide and Paper


A set of winter writing pages (primary and intermediate handwriting options, with and without picture box) and a Winter Break slide to welcome your students back!

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Embark on a creative journey with this Winter Break Writing Activity Slide and Paper, offering both primary and intermediate handwriting options, complete with or without picture boxes. The versatility extends to a charming Winter Break slide, seamlessly transitioning students from winter to summer as the school year concludes. Its simple design makes it adaptable to any grade level or subject, adding a touch of seasonal flair to your classroom.

The Winter Break Writing Activity features printable writing paper adorned with adorable snowmen and snowflakes on each page. The accompanying Powerpoint slide, designed for on-screen display, mirrors the spring writing page and provides space for your personalized prompts. For added flexibility, the Powerpoint file is easily transferable to Google Slides, making it suitable for online use or in environments without Powerpoint access. Feel free to edit the slide, tailoring directions to suit your preferences—whether guiding students post-writing or sparking ideas to fuel their creativity. Provide an opportunity for students to reflect on their winter break experiences and share their stories.

With this resource, writing becomes a delightful winter-themed adventure for students of all ages. Download the Winter Break Writing Activity now and infuse your classroom with a touch of seasonal creativity. It’s the perfect way to celebrate winter break and transition smoothly into the excitement of summer!

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