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Magic e Anchor Chart
Magic e Anchor Chart
Magic e Anchor Chart

Silent Magic e Reading Strategies Poster


This time AND money-saving Magic e anchor chart poster includes an individual student page and larger pieces to create a poster-sized anchor chart that you can fill in with students (helping them own that learning by creating it together!). Think of all the TIME you’ll save not having to make your own!



Transform your classroom into a magical place of learning with the Silent Magic e Reading Strategies Poster! Engage your students and make learning fun with this beautifully designed poster that includes individual student pages and larger pieces to create a bossy e poster-sized reading anchor chart. By working together, students can anchor their own learning and reinforce their understanding of this essential concept.

The poster features an adorable magician wielding a “magic e wand” to help make the silent e, making it the perfect tool to teach young learners the Magic E concept in a fun and interactive way. The Silent Magic e Reading Strategy Poster is not only effective but also easy to use, saving teachers time and effort in creating their own anchor charts.

The ready-to-build anchor charts are perfect for introducing new concepts and are ideal for classrooms with English Language Learners. They provide essential visuals and concise teaching points that reinforce content and academic vocabulary for multiple grade levels. The individual page included in the poster is a handy reference tool that can be used at students’ desks or in pull-out situations.

The Silent Magic e Reading Strategy Poster is a must-have tool for any classroom looking to teach Magic E in a fun, engaging, and effective way. With this poster, teachers will have everything they need to create a visually appealing and educational anchor chart that they and their students will be proud to display all year long. So why wait? Start teaching Magic E today and help your students succeed!

This PDF includes: anchor chart building pieces, individual poster in color and black and white.

What other teachers are saying about this Magic e Anchor Chart poster:

  • Extremely satisfied–What a cute little guy! This will definitely help reinforce my students understanding of Magic E. The visual will hang in my room, but I’m also going to attach this little guy to a magic wand (bell wand) so he can work his magic! Thank you!!
  • Extremely satisfied–This is perfect for my phonics notebook! Such a great visual for my SPED kiddos! Thanks

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