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Sharp Dull Pencil Labels


A set of versatile, various sized sharp and dull pencil labels. Print, cut and add to your writing center area (a cup for sharp, a cup for dull). Simple, easy and very little prep to stay organized! Includes a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as color and black/white versions.


Sharp Dull Pencil Cup Labels are designed to enhance any writing center by simplifying the identification and separation of sharp and dull pencils. Keep pencils neatly arranged and say goodbye to cluttered writing areas! The best part? Students will stop wasting precious working time sharpening their pencil. It’s simple to implement, students just put their dull pencil in the “Dull” container and grab a sharpened one from the “Sharp” container!  Ask a student volunteer to sharpen pencils that are in the Dull container during recess and you’ll reduce the pencil sharpener noise distraction and allow other students to concentrate more effectively while working.

With the printable format, you can effortlessly print and cut these labels, transforming your writing area into a well-organized space with minimal preparation required. The pencil cup label options offer a variety of shapes (circle, square, rectangle), sizes, and offered in both color and black and white variations to fit your pencil containers. The black and white option looks amazing on colored paper! Choose the perfect label that suits your needs and adds a visually appealing touch to your writing supplies area.

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