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Personal Narrative Writing Prompts


If you’ve ever had students complain that they don’t know what to write about, then you may need these Writing Prompts!  This is a set of 60 different personal narrative writing prompts that will GET KIDS WRITING about real life experiences. I’ve also included a checklist with all of the prompts, and an EDITABLE page for you to add your own prompts (perfect for events that are specific to the city you live in!). Add writing prompts to a key ring, poster board, writing center, student binders, paste into notebooks, pop them in a homework folder…the choice is yours!


Get ready to ignite the writing fire in kids with these Personal Narrative Writing Prompts! You know how some students complain they’ve got no clue what to write about? Well, say goodbye to that problem with this set of 60 different Personal Narrative prompts that will get kids pumped to start writing!

These prompts are seriously easy to implement – they’ll motivate and encourage the kids to let their creativity run wild. Plus, there’s a checklist with all the prompts, and an editable page so you can add your own. Perfect for adding prompts that match your city or any specific event!

You’ve got tons of options on how to use these bad boys. Stick ’em on a key ring, put ’em up on a poster board for the writing center, stuff ’em into student binders, paste ’em into notebooks, or why not mix it up and do a bit of everything? They’re super versatile.

And here’s the best part – these prompts cover all sorts of writing styles. Whether kids are into short stories, detailed narratives, or getting all creative with essays, there’s something for everyone.

Get these Personal Narrative Writing Prompts and let the writing adventures begin! Who knows, kids might just uncover some future best-selling authors!

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