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Opinion Writing Prompts


If you’ve ever had students complain that they don’t know what to write about, then you may need these Writing Prompts!  This is a set of 60 different writing prompts that will GET KIDS WRITING. I’ve also included a checklist with all of the prompts, and an EDITABLE page for you to add your own prompts (perfect for events that are specific to the city you live in!). Add writing prompts to a key ring, poster board, writing center, student binders, paste into notebooks, pop them in a homework folder…the choice is yours!


Get ready to spark individual viewpoints with these fantastic Opinion Writing Prompts! If your students have ever struggled with finding writing inspiration, worry no more! This collection features 60 diverse and kid-friendly Opinion Writing prompts that will inspire and encourage kids to share their thoughts confidently.

These prompts are seriously awesome! They’ll motivate kids to express their opinions on a wide range of topics, from current events to personal preferences. Included are a checklist with all the prompts and an editable page, allowing for customized prompts that resonate with students’ interests and experiences.

The possibilities for using these prompts are endless! Attach them to a key ring, display them on poster boards for class discussions, tuck them into student binders, paste them into notebooks—the choice is theirs! The prompts’ versatility ensures seamless integration into the teaching routine.

And here’s the best part—the prompts cater to various writing styles, allowing kids to craft persuasive essays, thought-provoking arguments, and even creative opinion pieces. With these prompts, young minds will hone their critical thinking skills while expressing themselves with conviction and clarity.

So why wait? Grab these Opinion Writing Prompts and watch as kids engage in captivating discussions and unleash their inner wordsmiths! Get ready for a classroom filled with lively opinions and empowered young writers!

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