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Informative Writing Prompts
Informative Writing Prompts

Informative Writing Prompts


If you’ve ever had students complain that they don’t know what to write about, then you may need these Writing Prompts!  This is a set of 60 different writing prompts that will GET KIDS WRITING. I’ve also included a checklist with all of the prompts, and an EDITABLE page for you to add your own prompts (perfect for events that are specific to the city you live in!). Add writing prompts to a key ring, poster board, writing center, student binders, paste into notebooks, pop them in a homework folder…the choice is yours!


Get ready to foster curiosity and expand knowledge with these captivating Informative Writing Prompts! If you’ve been seeking ways to enhance your students’ writing skills while delivering valuable information, look no further! This collection offers 60 diverse Informative Writing prompts that will inspire kids to delve into various topics and share their discoveries confidently.

These prompts are seriously awesome! They’ll motivate students to explore a wide range of subjects, from historical events to scientific wonders and everything in between. Included are a checklist with all the prompts and an editable page, allowing for personalized prompts that align with students’ interests and experiences.

The possibilities for using these prompts are limitless! Whether displayed on poster boards for research projects, added to notebooks for classroom discussions, or tucked into student binders for independent learning, these prompts seamlessly integrate into your teaching routine.

And here’s the best part—the prompts accommodate various writing styles, allowing students to craft informative essays, detailed reports, and engaging articles. With these prompts, young minds will sharpen their research skills while presenting information in a clear and captivating manner.

So, don’t hesitate! Grab these Informative Writing Prompts and watch as students embark on exciting journeys of discovery and become enthusiastic knowledge seekers! Get ready for a classroom filled with informative writing that enlightens and inspires!

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