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Haunted House for Sale Square Preview
Haunted House for Sale Square Preview
Haunted House for Sale Square Preview

Haunted House for Sale Descriptive Writing | Halloween Directed Drawing


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Are you ready to embark on a spine-tingling educational adventure? Dive into the world of haunted real estate with this Haunted House for Sale Project, perfect for teachers looking to engage their students in a creative and immersive learning experience. This meticulously crafted resource includes everything you need to turn your classroom into the “Boo-ya Realty” office, where students can become make-believe real estate agents and explore the eerie and exciting world of haunted house sales. Plus, you get Haunted House Writing Pages for a more versatile option (i.e. students can write a story about a haunted house).
Haunted House for Sale Descriptive Writing Key Features:
1. Set the Stage: read the letter from Wendy Witchelton, local real estate agent, as she sets the stage for this thrilling activity by reaching out to students and requesting their help in selling some truly unique and spooky homes.
2. Job Applications for Aspiring Real Estate Agents: Transform your students into make-believe real estate agents for “Boo-ya Realty,” a company that has been “turning dreams into screams since 1983.”
3. Real Estate Agent Profiles: Students write their own real estate agent profiles, fostering character development while honing their creative writing skills.
4. Haunted House Descriptive Writing Pages: Encourage students to explore their descriptive writing abilities with dedicated pages designed for brainstorming. An editable spooky descriptive word list is also provided for an easier alternative.
5. Haunted House Profile Page: Students can write captivating house profiles, detailing all the spooky and mysterious features of their haunted houses using their descriptive word list.
6. Haunted House Directed Drawing Printables: Give students the opportunity to bring their haunted house for sale to life through art with a directed drawing activity. This activity simplifies the art of drawing spooky houses with step-by-step instructions, making it accessible to all students. While guiding students through the process, it encourages imaginative embellishments, ensuring that each piece of artwork becomes a unique masterpiece. This activity boosts confidence, celebrates individuality, and results in a diverse gallery of haunted house creations that showcase the power of guided creativity.
7. Coloring Page Option: For a simpler option, a coloring page is included, allowing students to unleash their creativity through colors.
8. Haunted House Writing Paper: In addition to the “For Sale” activities, you also get the option to have students write a narrative story about a haunted house. Includes 2 pages of lined writing paper with the title “Haunted House.”
9. Printable Bulletin Board Letters: Complete the project with eye-catching “Homes for Sale” printable bulletin board letters, making it easy to showcase all the hard work and creativity of your students.
Unleash the power of imagination, creativity, and descriptive writing with this Haunted House for Sale Project. It’s an ideal resource for teachers seeking to engage students in a fun and educational journey that explores spooky homes and the art of real estate. Get ready to turn your classroom into a thrilling real estate office, where dreams become screams and learning knows no bounds!
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