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Groundhog’s Day Activities Craft Writing Graphing


A simple Groundhog’s Day craft that’s super easy for kids to complete (just color and cut!) AND very little prep for you! Includes color & cut page topper, editable writing pages, data collection labels, graphing results pages (multiple options for various class sizes), and bulletin board letters “Groundhog’s Day!” to create a quick display.

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Get ready to have a blast with these delightful Groundhog’s Day Activities Craft Writing Graphing printables! We’ve designed them to be not only incredibly fun but also super convenient for busy teachers like you. With this fantastic set in your hands, you’ll be able to create memorable experiences without spending hours on prep work.

Inside this pack, you’ll find an easy color and cut page topper that will have your students proudly displaying their very own Groundhog’s Day crafts. It’s a simple yet adorable way to bring some festive spirit into your classroom!

But that’s not all – we’ve made sure to include editable writing pages that give you the freedom to choose the writing prompts that best suit your students. Whether they’re making predictions, sharing their thoughts on a book, or showing off their knowledge about Groundhog’s Day, these customizable pages will spark their imagination.

Looking to make your lessons even more interactive? We’ve got you covered! Our data collection labels make it a breeze to conduct a student Groundhog’s Day prediction survey. It’s a hands-on activity that will get your students thinking critically and analyzing the data they collect.

And don’t worry about class sizes – our Groundhog’s Day graphing results pages come in multiple options to cater to your specific needs. Watch as your students bring data to life and gain a deeper understanding of the concepts surrounding Groundhog’s Day.

Now, let’s talk about displaying your students’ incredible work. With our charming Groundhog’s Day bulletin board letters, you can easily create a quick and eye-catching display in your hallway. Show off their writing or showcase their adorable groundhog crafts for everyone to admire!

So, get ready to ignite excitement, foster creativity, and provide valuable learning opportunities with these Groundhog’s Day Activities Craft Writing Graphing printables. Let’s make this year’s celebration an unforgettable and educational experience for your students!

What other teachers are saying about these Groundhog’s Day Activities Craft Writing Graphing for Kids:

  • Extremely satisfied–This was the prefect activity to make predictions for Groundhog’s Day! Thank you!
  • Extremely satisfied–Students loved doing the Groundhog’s Day graphing activity and I loved how I could incorporate it into what we were already doing in math. The craft was easy and made for a nice hallway bulletin board display that I could put together quickly.

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