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Election Day Voting Activities Mock Ballots Electoral College Map


This Election Day activity pack is perfect for this coming election AND any future U.S. Presidential Elections! This resource includes the following voting and election activities:

  • Election voting map
  • Writing craft topper donkey and elephants (male/female versions of each)
  • Flipbook (prefilled & editable versions)
  • Writing pages (editable, whole and half pages, primary & intermediate lined)
  • Ballots (editable, options for 2 & 4 voting choices)
  • Ballot box decor
  • Election Words poster (editable text)
  • Election word cards (editable text)
  • Election word search (editable text)
  • Election color by code (editable text)
  • Election strip puzzles (editable text)
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Get ready to engage in an interactive and educational Election Day experience with our exciting voting activities, mock ballots, and an in-depth Electoral College map. Dive into the world of elections, enhance understanding of the voting process, and have fun while you’re at it! Discover the perfect blend of fun and learning as you explore mock ballots, navigate the Electoral College map, and more.
Included Activities:
1. Election Voting Map: Take a closer look at how elections work by coloring in the Electoral College map that shows the voting process in a visual way.
2. Customizable Voting Ballots: Make your voting experience unique! The voting ballots can be edited to fit your preferences, whether you want 2 or 4 voting options. Students can vote on their favorite book, dinner, or whatever you choose!
3. Donkey and Elephant Page Toppers: Get creative with these simple color and cut writing crafts! You can assemble and personalize donkey and elephant toppers, and we have both male and female versions.
4. Flipbook: Dive into various election topics with the flipbook. It comes with pre-filled content, but you can also edit it to suit your interests and student ability levels.
5. Writing Pages: Combine with or without the craft toppers! Empower writing skills with versatile writing pages. You can edit them and choose between whole and half pages, as well as primary and intermediate lined formats.
6. Ballot Box Decor: Make your mock election setup look more authentic with easy to print ballot box decor. It’ll add to the excitement of getting involved in civic activities.
7. Election Words Poster: Personalize your learning space with an editable text poster featuring important election vocabulary.
8. Vocabulary Word Cards: Reinforce student vocabulary and make learning interactive with editable word cards related to voting. You can adapt the content to your needs.
9. Word Search: Challenge yourself with an editable word search game that helps you recognize and remember election-related terms.
10. Color by Code: Combine learning and fun with an editable color by code activity. It’s a great way to review and apply concepts you’re learning in other areas.
11. Strip Puzzles: Have some fun and sharpen critical thinking skills with editable strip puzzles that you can customize to your liking.
After purchasing this resource, simply open the PDF and click the “Click here!” option to access the file on Google Slides. From there, you’ll be able to effortlessly edit any of the content and print the pages!

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