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Visual Direction Cards

Editable Visual Direction Cards Supplies You Will Need Steps


These editable visual directions cards are perfect to display in your classroom to help students remember what steps to take! Each page comes with 6 square visual direction cards, and a set of 1-10 numbers with a “Directions” title. I’ve included an editable set of the same visual cards so you can type your own words if you like, as well as blank squares so you can customize even more.


Editable Visual Direction Cards Supplies You Will Need Steps are practical and visually engaging way to help your students remember important steps and tasks. This set includes everything you need to get started right away. You will receive a PDF with a link to the Google Slides file, allowing you to effortlessly print and edit the cards, and add any of your own custom photos or graphics if you want. Attach a magnet on the back to display your steps on a magnetic board, or print on printable magnetic paper, or add velcro dots if you’re using a velcro strip.

Visual Direction Cards feature 6 resizable square cards per page, along with a set of numbers 1-10 under the “Directions” title. With clear and concise design, these cards are perfect for guiding students through various tasks. Plus, they are available in both color and black and white, providing options to suit your preferences. To cater to your specific needs, you will also find an editable set of Visual Direction Cards. This means you can easily customize the text on each card, tailoring them to your classroom activities and instructions. Additionally, the set comes with blank squares, granting you the freedom to create your own personalized cards with any graphic or photo you want – the possibilities are endless!

Every classroom has unique requirements, so set includes a wide array of essential direction cards including:

Name, Write, Color (marker, crayon, colored pencil), Read, Cut, Glue (glue bottle, glue stick), Circle, Paint, Tape, Write (black pen, red pen), Binder, Journal, Folder, Erase, Staple, Highlight, Match, Draw, Date (Month-Date-Year and Month/Date/Year), Label, Trace, Listen, Watch, Dab, Line Up, Check, Mailbox, Backpack, Turn In, Number (number your paper), Letter (letter your paper), Copy, Page # (add page numbers), Hole punch (single, 3 hole punch), Cross Out, Paper Clip, Fold (vertical, horizontal), Solve, Sort, Clipboard, Desk, Computer, Notebook, Teacher Table, Carpet, Hallway, Table, Stamp, Bin, Book Bag, Supply Box, By Yourself, With a Partner, With a Group, Adult in the Room, Your Teacher, Silent 0, Whisper Voice 1, Inside Voice 2, Whiteboard Marker, Whiteboard, Whiteboard Eraser, Notebook, Snack, Lunch, Sticky note, Bus, Library, Computer, Calm area, Pillows, Home folder, Turn-in bin, Put away, Ask, Turn and talk, Compliment, Help a classmate, Greet, Raise hand

By utilizing Editable Visual Direction Cards, you’ll empower your students to take charge of their learning journey and promote student independence right now. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to an organized and efficient classroom environment!

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