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Visual Direction Cards



These editable visual directions cards are perfect to display in your classroom to help students remember what steps to take! Each page comes with 6 square visual direction cards, and a set of 1-10 numbers with a “Directions” title. I’ve included an editable set of the same visual cards so you can type your own words if you like, as well as blank squares so you can customize even more.

Visual Direction Cards included in this set:
-Color (marker)
-Color (crayon)
-Color (colored pencil)
-Glue (glue bottle)
-Glue (glue stick)
-Write (black pen)
-Write (red pen)
-Date (Month-Date-Year and Month/Date/Year)
-Line Up
-Turn In
-Number (number your paper)
-Letter (letter your paper)
-Page # (add page numbers)
-Hole punch (single)
-Hole punch (3 hole punch)
-Cross Out
-Paper Clip
-Fold (vertical)
-Fold (horizontal)

Please note: This is an EDITABLE Powerpoint file. If you do not have Powerpoint, you will not be able to open this file and use it.