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Editable Teacher Binder
Editable Teacher Binder
Editable Teacher Binder

Editable Teacher Binder Planner Printable Templates Slides 2023-2024


This Editable Teacher Binder is jam-packed with over 70 pages of teacher resources and lesson planning templates you can use all year, every year! This pack is “type-in editable” so you can customize it with your own text to create your own unique teacher planner.


Editable Teacher Binder Planner Printable Templates Slides 2023-2024 is a versatile resource is designed to enhance your productivity and streamline your lesson planning process. Whether you prefer a digital or printable format, this binder has got you covered. With over 70 pages of teacher resources and customizable templates, you can create your own unique teacher planner that caters to your specific needs.

One of the key advantages of the Editable Teacher Binder Planner Printable Templates Slides 2023-2024 is its accessibility. Access your binder wherever you are and on any device, ensuring that your lesson plans are always within reach. Additionally, you have the flexibility to print out any pages you prefer to have on-hand, giving you the best of both worlds – digital teacher planner convenience and tangible printable pages.

Inside this comprehensive teacher planner, you’ll find an array of invaluable resources to support your teaching journey year after year. The Editable Teacher Binder goes beyond lesson planning and offers a range of practical tools to enhance your classroom management. Here are some key features:

  • Get started with eye-catching binder covers, including blank editable options, allowing you to personalize your binder to your heart’s content.
  • Stay organized and stay on top of your lesson planning with the provided weekly and subject-based lesson plan templates.
  • Year at-a-Glance Planner pages provide you with a bird’s-eye view of your entire academic year, helping you plan ahead and stay organized.
  • For any checklist needs, use the versatile blank checklist, suitable for various purposes such as field trips, grading, and more.
  • Stay on top of individual student needs with the IEP at-a-glance page, ensuring you have quick access to important information.
  • Keep track of important login details with the dedicated login info page, eliminating the hassle of searching for passwords.
  • Stay organized with handy to-do lists
  • Track your classroom expenses
  • Make use of the trimester student self-reflection forms to foster student growth and development
  • Effortlessly manage parent conferences with the included parent conference forms, and provide comprehensive and personalized feedback on report cards using the strengths/areas of improvement comments section
  • Communicate effectively with parents using the parent contact forms and keep a log of all communication for future reference with the communication log
  • Ensure student safety and accountability with various logs, including the student sign-in and sign-out log and the student tardy log
  • Collaboration with specialists is made easier with the specialist log, allowing you to track interventions and monitor attendance effectively
  •  Permission slips for field trips are also included for your convenience
  • Additionally, maintain a record of your professional development activities with the professional development log, showcasing your commitment to continuous growth and learning
  • The Editable Teacher Binder also provides a handy student info at-a-glance section, featuring half-sheets for sorting next year’s class. This invaluable resource simplifies student management and helps you stay organized

Upon purchase, you will receive a PDF with a link to the Google Slides file. This format allows you to easily input your own text and further customize the binder with additional graphics or photos, truly making it your own.

Invest in the Editable Teacher Binder Planner Printable Templates Slides 2023-2024 today and revolutionize your teaching organization. Maximize your productivity, streamline your lesson planning, and create a truly personalized teacher planner that will support you year after year, regardless of your grade or position.

Included in this Editable Teacher Binder Planner Printable Templates Slides 2023-2024 you will find:
  • Binder covers (+blank editable covers!) and Binder Spines
  • Lesson plan templates (weekly lesson planning and by subject planning)
  • Year at-a-Glance Planner
  • Blank Checklist (to use for ANY checklist such as field trips, grading, etc.)
  • IEP at a glance
  • Login info page
  • To-do lists
  • Classroom expense tracking form
  • Trimester Student Self-Reflection forms
  • Parent Conference Forms
  • Report Card Strengths/Areas of Improvement Comments
  • Parent Contact Forms
  • Communication Log
  • Field Trip Permission Slip
  • Specialist Log (ask your special ed teachers, speech paths, ESL teachers, etc. to sign out kids they pull—document if it’s happening on a regular basis and keep track of their intervention attendance at the same time!)
  • Professional Development Log
  • Student Info at a Glance (half-sheets for next year’s class sorting)
  • Student Sign in and Sign Out Log
  • Student Tardy Log
-and MORE!

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