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Editable Syllabus Templates Google Slides
Editable Syllabus Templates Google Slides
Editable Syllabus Templates Google Slides

Editable Syllabus Templates Google Slides


This editable syllabus template is PERFECT for any subject area! Just type in your own info and you’re set! Includes 3 different pages (as seen in thumbnails).


Simplify your syllabus creation process with the Editable Syllabus Templates Google Slides, designed specifically for your needs. Whether you’re teaching math, science, language arts, or any other subject area, this template is PERFECT for you! Get ready to save time and effort as you effortlessly customize your syllabus.

With three different pages included, this template provides you with everything you need to effectively communicate with your students and families. The thumbnails give you a sneak peek of what you can expect from each page, ensuring you have a comprehensive and visually appealing syllabus that will work in any grade level.

Page 1: Expectations, Grading, Contact, Supplies
Clearly outline your classroom expectations, grading policies, contact information, and required supplies. This page sets the tone for your class and ensures everyone is on the same page right from the start.

Page 2: What’s Covered, Assignments
Keep your students informed about the topics and concepts you’ll be covering throughout the school year. The concise outline allows you to provide them with a clear overview of the assignments they can expect, helping them stay organized and engaged.

Page 3: Late Work, Need to Know
Address the important information related to late work and other crucial details your students and their parents need to be aware of. This page ensures that everyone is aware of the consequences and procedures regarding late submissions, along with any additional essential information.

You’ll receive a convenient PDF format with a link to the Google Slides file. This flexibility allows you to easily print or share the syllabus digitally, ensuring seamless accessibility for everyone involved. You can use a Google link, save as a PDF to send via email, or print paper copies–the choice is yours!

Streamline your syllabus creation process and capture the attention of your students with Editable Syllabus Templates Google Slides. Say goodbye to tedious formatting and hello to a syllabus that showcases your teaching expertise.

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