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Editable Substitute Binder Teacher Templates
Editable Substitute Binder Teacher Templates
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Editable Substitute Binder Teacher Templates


This Editable Substitute Binder includes everything you need to put together a sub binder or sub tub for the year! I’ve included basic headers in a modern black and white design and some of my own examples, so all you need to do is add your own information to complete your custom substitute binder!


Editable Substitute Binder Teacher Templates are an all-in-one resource that includes everything you need to create a customized sub binder or sub tub for the whole year. And guess what? It’s both digital and printable!

The Google Slides file makes it super easy to access your sub plans from the comfort of your own home or print a paper copy if you prefer. You have options! The Editable Substitute Binder Teacher Templates feature easy-to-read pages with a sleek black and white design. Your substitute will appreciate the simplicity!

Not sure where to start? No worries! Included are some examples to get your creative juices flowing. Simply add your own info to complete your personalized substitute binder. Easy peasy! You can even print blank pages if you prefer handwriting your plans.

The “type-in editable” feature allows you to customize the main body with your own images and text. You’ll receive a flattened PowerPoint file and a link to the Google Slides version, where text boxes, photos, and your own graphics can be inserted. It’s super interactive and totally customizable!

Now, let’s talk about what’s included in this awesome 51-page Editable Substitute Binder pack:

  • Binder Covers: Give your binder a stylish look right from the start, make it easy to locate.
  • Sub plans: Get an easy-to-follow overview of your plans, sorted by subject area.
  • Procedures and Routines: A quick reference page to help your substitute navigate your classroom smoothly.
  • Class List: Keep track of students’ names and manage attendance effortlessly.
  • Seating Chart Blank Page: Create and update your seating arrangement as needed using the classroom map moveable pieces (perfect for labeling where things are located in your room).
  • Class Photos and Names Page: Match faces to names with this handy page.
  • Attendance Page: Keep a record of student attendance throughout the day.
  • Welcome Letter Template: Make your substitute feel welcomed and informed.
  • Basic Info Page: Share essential details about your classroom and important routines.
  • Schedule Pages: Keep your substitute up to date with class, school, and specials schedules.
  • Procedures: Clear guidelines for Arrival/Dismissal, Restrooms, Recess, Lunch, Supplies, Lining Up, Attention Getters, Rewards/Consequences, Class Expectations, Early/Late Finishers, and Emergencies (power outage, fire drill, lockdown, severe weather).
  • Special Needs Pullout Schedule and Notes Page: Accommodate special needs students with a dedicated section.
  • Health Info: Note allergies, injury accommodations, and other health-related information.
  • Sub Notes: A space for your substitute to share feedback and notes at the end of the day.

Important to note: These templates don’t come with prewritten plans. You’ll need to write your own sub plans, but rest assured, the perfect framework is here.

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