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Spelling Activities for Any List of Words



Spelling practice activities, spelling test templates and MORE! This EDITABLE spelling template pack comes in a modern and simple design, which means it’s perfect for all year and any grade level! You can add ANY AMOUNT OF WORDS you like for each list. Use the activities as weekly homework, in a center, with partners or even whole group!
Included in this editable file you will find blank (you add the words!) spelling activity templates (9 different activities to choose from), spelling test templates (pre and post), blank parent letter, grading template (add as many students as you have), homework packet cover, and a binder cover. I’ve also included a few handy technology tips to make the most of the editable features.
Spelling Activities Included:
  • ABC Order (ordering alphabetically)
  • Spelling Red and Blue (writing consonants in blue, vowels in red)
  • Spelling Hide and Seek (draw a picture and “hide” the Spelling words in your drawing)
  • Spelling Sentences (write a sentence using the word)
  • Spelling Rainbow (write the words in rainbow colors)
  • Spelling Magic (write words in white crayon, color marker on top to “reveal” the words)
  • Spelling X3 (write each word three times)
  • Spelling Word Find (search for the Spelling words)
  • Spelling Triangles
Unlike a PDF resource that will autofill after you type your words once, this file is an editable format that allows you to add the exact amount of words you use, whether you want to have 5 spelling words, 12, or 32, it’s up to you. Add another row/column of words as needed. Perfect if you want to make differentiated spelling lists for spelling groups or include dual language spelling words.
Important:IMPORTANT: This resource will work on PowerPoint, Keynote and Google Slides, so please be sure you have access to at least one of those in order to use this file.