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Editable Class Schedule Cards
Editable Class Schedule Cards
Editable Class Schedule Cards

Editable Visual Daily Schedule Cards


These fun, bright EDITABLE schedule cards come with AND without clocks and are great for creating a visual schedule of your day! These colored cards fit perfectly in a pocket chart, or along a ribbon strip, or use with magnetic dots/tape on a magnetic surface! How you display them is up to you! Easily change out cards and/or clock times with just a dry-erase marker! I have also included blank templates with just a border and no graphic so you can add your own specialized graphics if you’d like!


These simple Editable Visual Daily Schedule Cards, available with or without clocks, are perfect for crafting an engaging visual schedule of your day. Not only are they visually appealing, but they also offer exceptional flexibility in how you choose to display them. Designed to fit seamlessly in a pocket chart, along a ribbon strip, or on a magnetic surface using magnetic dots or tape, these colorful cards provide endless possibilities for customization. You have complete control over how you showcase them, adapting to your unique preferences and classroom environment.

Say goodbye to tedious scheduling changes! With these Editable Visual Daily Schedule Cards, you can effortlessly update cards and clock times using a simple dry-erase marker. Adaptability and convenience are at your fingertips, ensuring your schedule remains up-to-date and easily modifiable.

Additionally, blank templates featuring a rainbow border design are included, allowing you to incorporate your own personalized graphics effortlessly while still matching. Express your creativity and tailor the cards to your specific needs and themes.

Your purchase includes a PDF file with a direct link to the Google Slides version. The “editable” feature grants you the freedom to modify the text as desired, guaranteeing a truly personalized experience.

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