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Digital Word Work Mat



Whether you have one or a whole set of iPads, Chromebooks or desktops, this digital word building mat is perfect for all year! Included you will find a Powerpoint file AND a link to a word building mat complete with moveable letters (2 different mats-1 uppercase and 1 lowercase). Consonants are in blue and vowels are in red. Use in whole group, small group, homework, or as a center! This is a perfect activity for your guided reading word work, sight word practice, weekly spelling words, vocabulary, name activities…you get to decide which words to practice with (this does not come with a list of words)!

You do not have to be a Google Classroom to use this. Directions to access this on an iPad are included. You will need internet access to initially download. This is not an app and does NOT have sound or a “click to see if the answer is right” option for students.

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