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Digital Visual Direction Cards
Digital Visual Direction Cards
Digital Visual Direction Cards

Digital Visual Direction Cards Classroom Slides


These DIGITAL class slides with moveable direction pieces are so convenient, versatile and practical! You can use them to write your Morning Meeting Message, include step by step visual directions, and edit the text so students know their expectations. And because it’s a PowerPoint file, you can even add your own images and photos!


Introducing the Digital Visual Direction Cards Classroom Slides, a convenient, versatile, and practical tool for educators and students! These slides feature moveable direction pieces that allow you to create engaging Morning Meeting Messages, step-by-step visual directions, and editable text to communicate clear expectations. As a PowerPoint file, you can even customize the slides by adding your own images and photos!

Experience unparalleled convenience and flexibility with the Digital Visual Direction Cards Classroom Slides. This comprehensive package includes a variety of blank slide templates such as “Good Morning,” “Morning Message,” “Good Afternoon,” and more, providing the perfect foundation for your messages. Additionally, you’ll find number icons from 1 to 10 and an extensive selection of direction icons, enabling you to effectively convey concepts like writing, coloring, labeling, dating, matching, highlighting, stapling, erasing, reading, taping, tracing, listening, watching, dabbing, lining up, checking, and more!

Enhance organization and comprehension with subheading icons that prompt action. With icons representing “Before you begin,” “Directions,” “Make sure you,” and “When you are done,” students will have clear guidance on the necessary steps for each task.

Personalize your teaching materials and create a unique learning environment by seamlessly incorporating your own images and photos. The Digital Visual Direction Cards Classroom Slides empower you to engage your students in dynamic and captivating ways.

Unlock endless possibilities in the classroom and revolutionize your teaching approach. Download your copy today and witness the transformative impact on student engagement, comprehension, and overall learning outcomes!

Included in the Digital Visual Direction Cards Classroom Slides:

Included in the Digital Resources Visual Direction Cards Classroom Slides:
  • Blank slide templates: Good Morning, Morning Message, Good Afternoon, Hello, Welcome Back, When You Come In, Before You Leave, Please Take a Seat, What Are We Doing, In Case You Forget, Reminders, Today, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
  • Numbers 1-10 Icons
  • Subheading Icons (text): Before you begin, Directions, Make sure you, When you are done
  • Direction icons: Name, Write, Color (marker, crayon, colored pencil), Read, Cut, Glue (glue bottle, glue stick), Circle, Paint, Tape, Write (black pen, red pen), Binder, Journal, Folder, Erase, Staple, Highlight, Match, Draw, Date (Month-Date-Year and Month/Date/Year), Label, Trace, Listen, Watch, Dab, Line Up, Check, Mailbox, Backpack, Turn In, Number (number your paper), Letter (letter your paper), Copy, Page # (add page numbers), Hole punch (single, 3 hole punch), Cross Out, Paper Clip, Fold (vertical, horizontal), Solve, Sort, Clipboard, Desk, Computer, Notebook, Teacher Table, Carpet, Hallway, Table, Stamp, Bin, Book Bag, Supply Box, By Yourself, With a Partner, With a Group, Adult in the Room, Your Teacher, Silent 0, Whisper Voice 1, Inside Voice 2, Whiteboard Marker, Whiteboard, Whiteboard Eraser, Notebook, Snack, Lunch, Sticky note, Bus, Library, Computer, Calm area, Pillows, Home folder, Turn-in bin, Put away, Ask, Turn and talk, Compliment, Help a classmate, Greet, Raise hand

What other teachers are saying about this Digital Visual Direction Cards Classroom Slides:

  • Extremely satisfied–This has been a game changer with helping students stay focused during independent and partner work. No more groups of kids following me around asking me what to do when they finish!
  • Extremely satisfied–I was losing my mind trying to get my students to use the pathway slides I displayed on the Smart Board each day. Although some students are still struggling with following along, most students have gotten better with independently going through their morning routine with these visual cues. Thanks for creating a simple resource with a huge impact!
  • Extremely satisfied–This is the perfect way for my students to come in and the morning and know what to do. As beginning of year first graders, it is perfect to have icons rather than all words. Thanks!

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