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Digital Teacher Stickers | Google Classroom Seesaw Canvas Dojo VIPKid


As easy to use as a regular sticker, but you’ll never run out! Just copy and paste the digital stickers onto student work in Google Classroom! Includes all of the digital sticker images seen in the thumbnail.


Digital Teacher Stickers for Google Classroom, Seesaw, Canvas, Dojo or VIPKid will inject a touch of whimsy into your classroom resources. With over 35 versions available (in color), these digital teacher stickers are designed to add a playful element to your students’ work. Stay connected and make learning more engaging with these interactive stickers, perfect for use in Google™ or Seesaw™.
Experience the convenience of simply copying and pasting these digital teacher stickers onto student assignments in Google Slides™, Google Docs™, or effortlessly adding them with a click of a camera in Seesaw™. Take it a step further and use these versatile stickers in platforms like Canvas or reward your students on Dojo™! Get ready to spark creativity and make your classroom resources shine with our user-friendly and captivating Digital Stickers for Teachers.
Kindly be aware that these digital teacher stickers are strictly intended for personal and/or classroom use, and are not permitted for commercial purposes.

What other teachers are saying about these Digital Teacher Stickers | Google Classroom Seesaw Canvas Dojo VIPKid:

  • Extremely satisfied–Kids love these! Look just like “real” stickers, but almost seem more exciting to the kids to get one online!! Great product… Thanks!!
  • Extremely satisfied–This resource is awesome! I love being able to still give my firsties ‘stickers’ on their work to reward their effort. This makes it super easy to have accessible as I am grading assignments in Google Classroom. Thank you for such a useful resource!
  • Extremely satisfied–My students loved having that extra bit of positive reinforcement with these digital stickers on their Seesaw lessons. They were lots of choices with cute colorful sayings. Thank you for taking the time to make this resource which was so helpful to use!

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