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Digital Teacher Planner Google Drive Slides Printable Binder


This Paperless Teacher Planner is jam-packed with useful teacher resources and lesson planning templates (in both LANDSCAPE and PORTRAIT!) you can use all year, every year! It’s all bundled into one fresh and modern, black and white package.


Experience the transformative power of the Digital Teacher Planner Google Drive Slides Printable Binder, meticulously designed to revolutionize your lesson planning and streamline your daily tasks. This planner is packed with an extensive array of invaluable resources and customizable templates, making it the perfect companion for your unique teaching journey.

Unleash your creativity and infuse your personal touch into the planning process with this Digital Teacher Planner Google Drive Slides Printable Binder. Whether you prefer the convenience of a digital format or the classic pen-and-paper approach, this planner caters to your individual preferences. You’ll find both landscape (horizontal) and portrait (vertical) pages available in an editable Google Slides version, empowering you to tailor them to your teaching style.

The Digital Teacher Planner comes in a fresh and modern black and white package, exuding a sleek and professional aesthetic. It’s a delightful addition to any educator’s toolkit and caters to teachers across all grade levels, ensuring it’s a perfect fit for your planning needs.

What does this exceptional Digital Teacher Planner include? Take a look:

  • Weekly Lesson Plan Template: Make planning a breeze with a fully editable table that allows you to add as many rows as you need and customize the days of the week to align with your unique schedule.
  • Monthly Lesson Plan Template: Gain a clear overview of your month with an intuitive template designed to accommodate your lesson plans effortlessly.
  • Subject Area for the Year at a Glance: Stay organized and keep track of your subjects throughout the academic year with this handy feature.
  • Year at a Glance: Get a comprehensive bird’s-eye view of your entire year, empowering you to plan effectively for the long term.
  • Unit at a Glance: Easily outline and manage your units with the at-a-glance template, ensuring a structured approach to your curriculum.
  • Lesson at a Glance: Stay focused and organized with a concise overview of each lesson, allowing you to stay on track with ease.
  • Checklists: Versatile and adaptable, our checklists can be used for a variety of purposes, including field trips, grading, and more, helping you stay organized and efficient.
  • Teacher Logins: Keep track of your various online platforms and resources in one convenient section, ensuring easy access when you need it most.
  • Student Logins: Organize student login information effortlessly, making it a breeze for both you and your students to access online platforms and resources.
  • To-Do Lists: Stay on top of your tasks and prioritize effectively with comprehensive to-do lists, keeping you focused and productive.
  • Classroom Expense Tracking Form: Monitor and manage your classroom expenses effortlessly, enabling better budgeting and financial organization.
  • Professional Development Log: Document your professional growth and accomplishments, celebrating your journey as an educator.
  • Communication Log: Keep a record of your communications with parents, students, and colleagues, fostering effective collaboration and ensuring no details slip through the cracks.
  • Parent Contact Information: Maintain easy access to parent contact details, facilitating seamless communication and strengthening the parent-teacher relationship.
  • General Contact Information: Store contact information for individuals beyond parents, including administrators, support staff, and external resources, ensuring you have the right connections at your fingertips.
  • Student Info at a Glance: Quickly reference essential student details, such as contact information, allergies, and important notes, enabling you to provide personalized support.
  • IEP Info at a Glance: Keep important Individualized Education Program (IEP) information readily available, allowing you to deliver effective differentiation and support.
  • Monthly Behavior Calendar: Track student behavior patterns and monitor progress using our specially designed calendar, helping you address behavioral needs proactively.
  • Small Group Weekly Planning: Streamline your small group instruction planning with a dedicated template.
  • Transportation: Manage transportation details in one central location, ensuring the safe

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