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Christmas Santa Directed Drawing Square Preivew2
Christmas Santa Directed Drawing Square Preivew2
Christmas Santa Directed Drawing Square Preivew2

Santa Directed Drawing Christmas Art Activity


Bring DIRECTED DRAWING fun to your classroom with this Santa directed drawing that your students will love! Included in this PDF resource you will find 20 visual steps to complete the Santa drawing (2 different Santa options, one holding a gift and one popping out of a chimney), as well as writing prompt pages so you can change the topic (half and whole page options in primary and intermediate writing lines).

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Elevate the holiday spirit in your classroom with the Santa Directed Drawing Christmas Art Activity! Brace yourself for an absolute blast during that much-anticipated week before the break. The best part? It’s a no-fuss setup – just project the steps on the screen, and you’re all set for a festive fiesta!

Inside this PDF treasure trove, you’ll uncover 20 carefully crafted visual steps to ace the Santa directed drawing. Choose your vibe from two Santa options – one clutching a delightful gift and the other orchestrating a grand chimney entrance. But hold on, the excitement doesn’t stop there. We’ve thrown in writing prompt pages to add an extra layer of creativity to the mix. Go wild with different topics and pick your preferred format – half-page or whole-page options are at your disposal. And fear not, whether your students are navigating the world of primary or intermediate writing, we’ve got the perfect lines for them!

Imagine the joy as your classroom transforms into a hub of holiday creativity. The air is charged with excitement as students bring Santa to life on paper, adding their unique flair to every stroke. It’s not just an art activity; it’s a memory-making extravaganza that leaves everyone with a lasting sense of holiday cheer.

As the festive tunes play in the background, witness the magic unfold as pens dance across paper, turning blank pages into works of art. The writing prompts add a touch of personalization, ensuring each Santa drawing tells a unique story. This isn’t just a week-before-break activity; it’s a journey into the heart of holiday merriment, uniting the classroom in a shared experience of joy, laughter, and creativity.

So, gear up for a memorable adventure, where Santa takes center stage, and the joy of the season comes to life in every stroke of the pencil. With 20 visual steps, two jolly Santa options, and the added bonus of writing prompts, this printable resource is your ticket to a classroom transformed into a holiday haven. Let the festivities begin!

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