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Candy Corn Capades


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This Candy Corn pack is perfect for October festivities! Whether you celebrate Halloween in your classroom or not, these activities are a great way to bring descriptive and opinion writing into action, make math a bit sweeter, and observe a fun science experiment!

-Cut/paste candy corn craft & writing (multiple writing page options with title “Candy Corn” so you can choose what students write about)
-Candy corn cinquain writing (using descriptive language)
-Trick or treat feet keepsake
-Candy corn manipulative mat and addition worksheets (single and double digit equations within 20, blank addition problems for you to write your own)
-Candy corn measurement (measuring length with candy corn around the room, comparing weight with classroom objects)
-Dissolving candy science experiment
-Candy corn alphabet puzzles (matching uppercase/lowercase/beginning sound pictures)
-Candy corn number puzzles (matching numbers 1-20 w/ten frames, digit, and written form, and a few early finisher number puzzles using base ten pictures/expanded form).

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