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Rainbow Classroom Decor
Rainbow Classroom Decor
Rainbow Classroom Decor
Rainbow Classroom Decor

Bright Rainbow Theme Classroom Decor Editable Labels


This Rainbow Decor set is perfect for really any classroom! Organize your supplies and set up your room in a vibrant, coordinating rainbow theme that brightens up any dull room!


Transform your classroom into a vibrant and engaging learning environment with the Bright Rainbow Theme Classroom Decor Editable Labels. Designed to suit any classroom, this comprehensive decor kit brings a burst of color to banish dullness and inspire a vibrant atmosphere.

This incredible package includes an array of essential items to help you stay organized and create an inviting space. Discover the following gems within this Bright Rainbow Theme Classroom Decor treasure trove:

  • Supply Labels: Effortlessly organize your classroom with an assortment of supply labels. The kit even includes blank labels, allowing customization in any language.
  • Desk Name Plates: Personalize your students’ workstations with alphabetically arranged name plates. Featuring handwriting assistance from A to Z, as well as a practical 1-20 number line reference.
  • Line Up Chart & Floor Number Spots: Maintain order and streamline transitions with the line up chart and floor number spots, numbered from 1 to 16. Keep your students organized and ready to embark on their next adventure.
  • In Our Class and Class Rules Posters: Set clear expectations and foster a positive classroom community with visually appealing “In Our Class” and “Class Rules” posters. These posters provide a constant reminder of the values and guidelines that shape the classroom culture.
  • Focus Wall Cards: Showcase your students’ achievements and highlight important concepts with eye-catching focus wall cards. Capture their progress and create an environment that celebrates growth.
  • Group Number Cards: Facilitate group activities effortlessly with group number cards, ranging from 1 to 6. Encourage teamwork and collaboration while maintaining an organized classroom dynamic.
  • Reading Level Cards: Foster a love for reading and guide your students on their literacy journey with reading level cards, spanning from levels A to Z. Help them navigate their reading materials with ease and track their progress along the way.

And that’s not all! The decor kit includes a delightful assortment of additional surprises to enhance your classroom environment. With Rainbow Classroom Decor printables, create a truly captivating space that energizes and inspires both educators and students. Say goodbye to dullness and embrace the rainbow!

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