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round 5 and a throwback

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The winner will get my Play-doh First Day of School Pack! And don’t worry, if you’ve already started your school year, you can use it as a writing center or just hold on to it for next year’s first day of school!

first day of school activities

You all should know how addicting blogging can be…I had a hard time without you while we were camping over the last 2 days.  It was Cheeks’ first time, so you know he had fun. Here’s a few snapshots 🙂

 View of the Mendenhall Glacier from our campground.  Cheeks wanted to go swimming so bad!

 Keeping a toddler away from a fire pit is a full time task! And can you guess what color these pjs were when we got home??

 And finally, do you think bears are attracted to my fave (Moscato) wine?

Now, it’s time for Throwback Thursday! Don’t forget to check out more blasts from the past by clicking below!

Originally posted 4/12/13


1.  Spring is here! If you are looking for a Mother’s Day gift or Muffins with Moms craftivity to give your moms when they come in, check out my craftivity pack by clicking the image below!

 2.  One of the vinyl decal quotes I got from Amazon. Love.

 3. After seeing this idea on Pinterest, I stocked up on Potato Heads and now, every time the class completes a full Potato Head, we go outside for an extra recess! These are all of the completed ones…they’ve worked really hard!

4.  Problem: What do you do when your most recent edition Storytown textbook not only has a major size problem with Alaska, but also has the incorrect abbreviation? Solution: Write them friendly letters so they know!

5.  We earned a popsicle party this week for getting all of our returning student packets in for next year’s student count!  After all popsicles were sucked dry, we took turns reading the jokes.  My all time favorite joke was on one of the popsicles!



  1. August 15, 2013 / 7:12 am

    I noticed you use Story Town. There is a website with THE most amazing compilation of unit activities, homework, fluency passages and more. Just google Story Town resources. It's amazing!!!

    • August 16, 2013 / 4:50 am

      Thank you! If you're talking about the PCBOE site, I've downloaded a ton of stuff already! I used the sight words from that site for the last 3 years, but since I'm going "chalkboard," I needed a change 🙂

  2. August 15, 2013 / 1:19 pm

    It looks like y'all had a blast on your camping trip. Thanks for sharing.


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