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Good Writers Add Details!

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Original post 3/6/13


These last 2 weeks have been nuts.  I’m feeling a little slower than usual, but with all of what is expected of a teacher (by our administrators, colleagues, students, parents, and of course, our own families!), how can you not feel like that at times? It seems like every year this time of year I start to feel like this…nothing a good cry on the way home can’t fix right? Who’s with me?! But, it’s starting to look like Spring so I need to chipper up and think positively (summer, summer, summer…).

Let’s jump right in.  Writing Workshop is going well and my husband bought a miniwaffle maker.  “Huh?” You say? Keep reading!  Right now in Writing Workshop, we are working on adding details to our personal narratives so that the reader can visualize the story.  Most of the writing I see is very factual (Lots of basics like “We went to the movies. I got popcorn. We went home.”).  Well….waffle batter is easy to misjudge, which means my husband made too many waffles.  I decided to bring them to work for the class to eat during snack. Whoops, snack time came and went. I forgot. Story of my life. How can I get rid of these things before the end of the day? Hmmm…that famous Oreo cookie lesson seems to do the trick for getting students to add details. Let’s try out waffles and see what happens. So, we gathered around, ate a teeny bite of a miniwaffle, then brainstormed like crazy with all of our senses.  Next, we added a droplet of syrup to the remaining waffle and ate it, brainstormed again, and finally, talked about how exactly to add details to a story.  I am a fan of the  “eating food to learn how to describe things” lesson, and don’t be surprised if it happens again and we all gain 5 pounds in the process!


And if you’ve ever had the thought, “Anchor charts take too long to make,” or

My anchor charts are never cute,” you might want to check this out.

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