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Sunday, November 29, 2015

christmas crafting

I actually started this post last year, but it was too late to share when I actually downloaded the photos to my computer (I had just had a baby and blogging was the last thing on my mind haha!), so I saved it for an entire year (weird? nahhhh...savvy? yeahhhh). So, here are 2 super easy & crafty Christmas decorations you can make if you have a vinyl cutter! 
If you don't have a vinyl cutter, well....either buy one or seek out a friend that has one! This is the one I have (affiliate link here) and it was on the cheaper side.  Decide what words you'll use (hit up your local Joann's/Michael's/HobbyLobby for some inspiration like I did!).  Type them in the vinyl cutting software app, print and peel away! If you have one of these and you're afraid to use it because it's scary and loud and you think you're breaking something when it starts to aren't alone. BUT, you bought it for a reason, so don't let it sit and get dusty...get crafty! There are a plethora of different videos you can watch to help you get started here
I'm very grateful for my crafty husband who has all the tools a girl could ask for right in the garage. But, if you don't have a handman around, don't fret...most lumber places have saws and staff that will help you out! Bonus: if you have kids, they'll love to watch the giant electric saw thingy work it's magic.
Once you've painted your wood (I just grabbed some plain old white stuff that we already had in the garage), let it dry for a day and then apply your vinyl.  Ta-da!
For the stocking holder, find some fun knobs (mine are from Home Depot) and screw them near the bottom. You'll want to spread them out far enough and maybe hold the stockings near each one to see if it's enough room.
When I went searching for the PERFECT set of family stockings, I found these adorable fair isle ones from PB. BUT, they only had 1 of the same pattern available at the time. So...ebay (and a local embroidery shop) saved the day! If you can find the names you're looking for on ebay (you can set up a search so that it is "saved" and ebay emails you when someone lists a product with that description), you'll save even more money (embroidery wasn't cheap!).

We have a teeny tiny house and I'm still figuring out where to hang the board, but let's just pretend this is over a beautiful fire place mantel like this dreamy one, mmmkay?). #reallife #nowheretoputanything #tinyhouseproblems


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