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Sunday, July 12, 2015

was it only 3 days?

I just got home and am sitting down trying to decompress everything that just happened at the Teachers Pay Teachers Conference in Vegas. I figure I'll write about it before I lose it.  I met so many new people, but didn't have time to get to really know many of them. I had a lot of brief "hi-how-ya-doin" encounters while rushing back and forth to take care of mommy business (a.k.a. pumping) or making sure I didn't mess up reservations for people waiting for me (sorry Greta!!) while I took photos. I haven't quite figured out if I am an introvert or an extrovert, but I think it really depends on the situation. I am certain I am socially awkward. I sometimes forget how to ask those important questions that I teach my students to use when meeting new people (i.e. Where are you from? What grade do you teach?). I feel major pressure in events like this to be a certain way (sort of like Open House...we all want 100% of parents to like us...but that ain't happenin'!). I can be bubbly sometimes, but not typically in settings like this. I can be too shy to put myself out there, but then ask a bajillion questions during a session (yes, I'm that student). I like to hug rather than handshake usually because a handshake usually feels like a business deal for some reason (anyone else?). I felt like a hot mess most of the time. And then, I got some sort of food poisoning (<<<< what else could bring roommates closer than that?) and had to miss the keynote presentation along with a sushi date. I planned on spending more time with people I wanted to talk with, but that didn't happen (not to mention all of the people I didn't actually get to meet!!!). Overall, 3 days isn't long enough....but it seemed like an eternity away from my babies, so I guess it had to be! 

I also didn't take very many photos...but here's what I did happen to capture!

Here's Paul (TpT founder) and I. Side note to my seller friends...I'm not sure Paul knows that the TpT app makes a "cha ching" sound. He seemed very confused about it. And then I realized, why would Paul have the app??? He's not a seller...duh! He probably thought I was crazy.
 One of my favorite highlights from this trip was Cabana Day hosted by GoNoodle. This company is leading the way in treating teachers!!!! Seriously. What other education company rents cabanas and has drinks on them at this conference?? Sure they have an exhibit hall full of vendors, but this. THIS?! Amazing. I LOVE GONOODLE. Now....who will talk to Lakeshore Learning/Really Good Stuff/ etc. about upping their game??? 
 Roomies past and present. Love. Don't ask me why I'm posing like little orphan Annie. I have no idea.
Greta (Learning with Mrs. Leeby), Melissa (First Grade Smiles), Myself
Greta (Learning with Mrs. Leeby) teaching me the way of the selfie by the pool.

 These are some of the sweetest bloggers around. I'm lucky enough to call myself a "Sparkie" and be a part of the Spark of Inspiration blog. We ate lunch at the Grand Lux Cafe (there are 2 of these...1 in the Venetian and 1 in the Palazzo btw) and as you can imagine with a big group like this, I didn't get to talk with everyone but my tablemates and I sure had fun ;) 
Kayla (Top Dog Teaching), Greta (Learning with Mrs. Leeby), Myself

And a small group of Teacher Clipartists got together for a quick group photo during the meetup! So great meeting all of you! I had full intentions of holding up some blog buttons from a couple of other teacher clipartists that couldn't join us, but I completely forgot to pull them out of my folder for the photo. FAIL. I cannot be counted on. Next time you'll have to join us ladies!!

P.S. Laine--you are my hero for travel sooo far and your bracelets are not only a great idea, but for such a good cause!! 
 Dynelle (Dancing into First), (Laine (Little Peace of Africa), Shelley (Pitch Clips), Heidi (Doodle Oven), Erin (Lovin' Lit), Myself

A few swag items for the giveaway.

As you may recall, I had a promotional giveaway going on. I walked around with "Bring on the Cha Ching" swag and this QR code. You guys. Not everyone has a QR code reader, nor did they have the connection service (darn wireless at the hotel isn't that great after all!). I did NOT realize this. I feel terrible about it. 
 If you are wanting some Cha Ching swag, don't worry, I've got something just for you! 



  1. It was such a delight to meet you and I thought you were perfectly bubbly and friendly and made me feel very at ease! I hope your travels home were wonderful and easy!

    - Shelley

  2. More teachers need to download a QR code reader then! Too handy for teaching. It's so easy to make your own QR codes. But the lack of reliable wifi at a conference, that is frustrating. I wasn't at the TPT one, so I don't know about that, but I have been at others and it's not fun. It's sort of like school sometimes. :P

  3. Awww! I love this whole post and I love you! #missyoualready

  4. I so enjoyed spending time with you! I hope it's the first of many adventures together!


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