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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Donuts with Dads

Activities and ideas for Donuts with Dads

We recently had our Donuts with Dads event and made these cute little donuts to give to the "dads" that came in. Adorable, right?!
donuts with dad
If you've thought about hosting your own Donuts with Dads event or are tinkering around with the idea this year, take the plunge! I promise you won't regret it! Here are a few tips I've learned along the way to help the process go smoothly. 
donuts with dad
 In the past, I've had my Donuts with Dads in December. However, I've noticed that if you plan for it to be closer to Father's Day (around the end of school), it seems to make more sense on the calendar!
donuts with dad

Whether or not your students have their dads in their lives, you can still host a Donuts with Dads. I've called it Donuts with Dudes for several years. Just make sure to have that honest conversation with your class about how it's okay if your dad can't make it...we have a solution! See the next tip!
donuts with dad
High school students often need extra credit hours. Many staff in your building would love to participate. Ask your own friends and family. Believe me, people will come through #ittakesavillage #peopleknowit
donuts with dad
Don't forget, people have jobs just like you. They require at least a few days notice to get time off work. If you know ahead of time, let them know! I like to give at least a month's notice in case someone is making travel arrangements.
donuts with dad
Parents are often willing to help with all kinds of things! The key is to communicate. Don't be afraid to ask for parents to bring in items for your event. They will often volunteer to be in charge of coffee or setting up/taking down. Just ask!

And how cute are these guys in this donut frame?!
donuts with dads frame

You can find the donut craft, editable donuts with dads invitation, frame and more in the Complete Donuts with Dads Event Kit.
donuts with dad

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